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'Rurouni Kenshin: The Legend Ends': A fabulous finale

By Hidzir JunainiMovies - 09 October 2014 12:00 AM | Updated 1:50 PM

'Rurouni Kenshin: The Legend Ends': A fabulous finale

'Rurouni Kenshin: The Legend Ends'

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Barely a month after the fiery tale of ‘Kyoto Inferno’ comes ‘ The Legend Ends’ - the epic third and final instalment of the live action ‘Rurouni Kenshin’ franchise.

The conclusion of the previous movie saw hero Kenshin Himura (Takoro Satoh) in dire straits after a failed attempt to rescue love interest Kaoru Kamiya, held hostage aboard the battleship of evil warlord Shishio.

This movie finds the ronin washed up on the beach unconscious, but he is recovered by a man who turns out to be none other than Hiko Saijuru (Fukuyama Masaharu), Kenshin’s former mentor and Master. 

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As we have learnt from the first two movies (and the rabidly popular manga/anime series), Kenshin was originally Hitokiri Battosai, a cold-blooded assassin with a dastardly reputation for extreme brutality.

He has since renounced his violent past, and as part of his repentance, the skilled warrior now vows to never kill again (he even carries a reverse blade sword) and to protect the weak. Naturally, his cynical old master finds Kenshin’s pacifist ways to be rather silly and often mocks him for that. 

Realising that it will take a lot more than the usual to defeat a villain as skilled as Shishio, Kenshin seeks to learn and the perfect the ultimate technique from his teacher.

By now, warlord Shishio has formed a partnership with the new home minister, and Kenshin ends up on the government’s most-wanted list for his past crimes, making him a fugitive.


Obviously we all know that the series will end with a one-on-one battle between Kenshin and Shishio, but the twists leading up to the inevitable showdown is not at all predictable. 

There are unforeseen turns and seemingly insurmountable obstacles, but this is where the majority of the fun takes place. 

‘The Legend Ends’ provides genuine tension to go along with the breathtaking fight sequences, leaving audiences perpetually on edge. 

And speaking of those fight sequences, they truly are jaw-dropping. Instead of the one-versus-all fights in the previous two movies, this one wisely focuses on single combat sequences that are lengthy, complex and utterly dazzling.

The previous movie’s elaborate setup pay off spectacularly here, and the fans who complained that ‘Kyoto Inferno’ lacked action will certainly get their money’s worth this time around. 

‘The Legend Ends’ is a fittingly epic finale, even if supporting players (even Kaoru) are largely ignored or underutilised here. This last instalment is brilliant in all other aspects, serving us with satisfying storyline resolutions and incredible action scenes at every turn.

‘Rurouni Kenshin: The Legend Ends’ opens in cinemas 9 October 2014

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