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Angelina Jolie plays Evelyn Salt, a CIA agent accused of being a Russian counter-spy on a mission to assassinate Russian and US leaders. Amid non-stop action sequences and mind-boggling stunts, Jolie displays great vesatility in this movie and shows you at even at 35, she is still very much on top.







Salt: Run Angelina Run!

Actors and actresses earn their paycheck with the ability to serve a story, in big ways or small, sometimes with the need to portray a character with nuance and depth, sometimes with a need for a kind of gritty physicality.

Angelina Jolie, for all the focus on her personal life and political leanings, is an actress who has grown to the point where she is versatile enough to move back and forth on the performing register. (Her previous two roles in Wanted and The Changeling demonstrate this point.)

Still looking fantastic at 35, and surprisingly so after going brunette here, Jolie must have been the only candidate for this role as the titular rogue CIA agent, Eveline Salt, who is accused of being a Russian counter-spy on a mission to murder the Russian and US leaders.

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