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‘Sammy 2’: Catching a dull wave

By Debbie NgMovies - 22 May 2013 4:59 PM | Updated 11:57 AM

‘Sammy 2’: Catching a dull wave

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Rating: 1 star out of 5

We’ve fallen in love with Ariel’s red hair and ambitious dreams. We know what happened after Nemo “touched the butt”. And we can remember all the lyrics to the song the fishes from ‘Shark Tale’ sang when they’re working at the car wash.

The question is – did Belgian director Ben Stassen really need to create another ocean-themed animated feature? As ‘Sammy 2’ comes swimming through our screens three years after its 2010 debut, it quickly sinks to the bottom.

Kicking off where the first ‘Sammy’ movie left off, Sammy and Ray attempt to guide their grandchildren, Ricky and Ella, from the shore to the water. Just then, seagulls swoop down, prepared to eat the little turtles for lunch. A commotion starts and worsens when the bunch of them are snatched up in a net by poachers and are hauled on to a boat.

Later on, they find out that they have been dumped in a mega underwater aquarium in Dubai. The movie develops as Sammy, Ray and their grandkids try to make their way back home, with seahorse Big D trying to foil their escape plans.

15 minutes into the movie and the confusing mixture of accents become slightly distracting. After listening to Jamaican poachers, a mostly incomprehensible Southern lobster, an Indian aquarium owner and French eels, the mind focuses on the myriad of accents and not the plot.

The plot is an unimaginative mish mash of ‘Finding Nemo’ and ‘The Little Mermaid’, as the turtles desperately find their way home, but not without Big D’s two sly eel sidekicks lurking around.

The core message of the 93-minute movie comes through when a hammerhead shark, Albert, says to Sammy and Ray, “You give up, you die”. Nature lovers would appreciate Stassen’s efforts to educate kids on the dangers of poaching.

The 3D sea adventure might also leave your kids staring at the screen with their mouths slightly agape. But if you’re above 12, and looking for a captivating animation for a lazy Sunday afternoon watch, you’re better off watching ‘Finding Nemo’ for the eighth time.

‘Sammy 2’ opens in theatres 23 May