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Samsung WAM M7 brings wireless smartphone-ready audio to your home

By inSing EditorMovies - 01 October 2014 11:09 AM | Updated 13 October 2014

Samsung WAM M7 brings wireless smartphone-ready audio to your home

If you're a music lover who likes to play music through your smarthome or tablet at home, don't just settle for your device's tiny speakers.

Why not play your music through different speakers, all in different rooms? 

The Samsung Wireless Audio Multiroom (WAM) M7 speakers do just that.

This speaker system offers solid sound through its minimalist design, and it works with a variety of apps or with your own locally-stored collection of music.

Stream music effortless through your home with the Samsung WAM M7


You can connect your smartphone, PC, or laptop to any one Samsung WAM M7 or your whole lot of Samsung Wireless Audio Multiroom speakers can be networked together with a single Samsung Hub.

They can be controlled by the Wireless Multi Room smartphone app that is available for both Android and iOS.

The speakers can stream music from your mobile device, from other connected devices on your network as well as from streaming music services like Spotify, Rdio, Deezer, Pandora and 8Tracks.

If you want to connect two or more speakers, you will need the Wireless Audio Multi-room Connect Hub which you need to plug directly into the home router. Once the app is downloaded and the system configured, you will be able to play the same music in every room in the home simultaneously, or push completely different playlists to each speaker.


Each M7 is made to be positioned any which way you choose.

Inside each speaker is a Fome Core Woofer, silk dome tweeters, and CNT pulp conde mid-range speakers. According to Samsung, these components let the speaker deliver precise bass tones and clean mid and high ranges. 

The M7 supports Bluetooth, NFC and Wi-Fi. If you're only using one speaker you can connect over Wi-Fi to stream music.

The Samsung Wireless Audio Multiroom M7 Speaker retails at $549