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*scape from the toilet

By Adeline FooEvents - 04 August 2010 9:00 AM | Updated 05 August 2010

*scape from the toilet

My mother had this er… brilliant idea to visit *scape. What’s that? It’s the latest place set up for young people to hang out, hailed as a fusion of art, music and culture located beside Cineleisure Orchard.  Mum said she wanted to catch a Singapore Youth Olympic Games 3-on-3 basketball match, so I tagged along.

We had lunch at this place called Ice Rockz.  Er… I didn’t exactly think that the place rocks, but I enjoyed their rice burger, which I found unique. The burger is made up of two rice patties instead of buns to hold the meat fillet. There is a choice of nasi lemak or chicken rice. Imagine eating these out of one hand! Cool, right? That was just for starters. Next, I had an ice cream from Marble Slab Creamery, with a cute name too. It’s called Willy Wonka, a double choc ice cream with dark choc chips and fudge. Yummy…! I wasn’t done yet. I finally finished my lunch with a bandung-flavoured bubble tea, from Toast Box. It was such a heavy lunch that I burped loudly. Mum was grinning and had this funny look on her face. I asked her about the basketball game, but she told me to be patient. I looked around, the place was awfully quiet for a games’ day.

After lunch, Mum brought me to an office on the third floor; it’s called Music Forest, a subsidiary of Ocean Butterflies Music. I checked their directory. It was listed as a place to pick up pop piano, dance or guitar lessons.  Huh?  Why the sudden interest to groom me in showbiz? Then, I saw the names of the celebrities the company had groomed. Kit Chan, A-Do, JJ Lin! Yikes… is that the guy who came up with the YOG cheer? I turned to Mum and asked why we were there. She said, “Trying to catch a glimpse of JJ Lin?”

Yup, that’s my mother. The teenage groupie who never grew up. So I left her alone and explored the rest of the building. I finally saw the site for the YOG 3-on-3 basketball game. Workmen were still putting finishing touches to the set-up! My mum lied to me! Humph.

I walked further and came across this radio station, 98.7FM, which was having a live recording. Wow, I was sooooooooooo excited! I had no idea who the deejays were, but they must be famous! They had really cool blonde, spiked hair. I banged loudly on the glass panel, hoping to catch their attention. But they didn’t see me. I even found a large piece of paper and wrote in bold, “Can I make a dedication on air PLEASE?” No luck. They continued chatting and laughing with their listeners on air, coolly ignoring me. Sheesh… so rude!

Finally, I decided to go and find my mum. I saw her making an appointment for me to attend a class. I protested loudly. But then again, how many people can boast that they’ve met a celebrity? Never mind if he had been slimed by 15,000 people on Facebook for an irritating YOG cheer. If he records his songs there, I want to meet him! I peeped over Mum’s shoulder and saw what she signed me up for. “Learn Chinese Lyrics & Sing Mandarin Pop Songs!” Oh man….

And trust her to rub it in. As we left the place, she was mimicking the big star, chanting, “Better than Chinese tuition!  Oh yeah, oh yeah, oh yeah…”


The next time you visit *scape, don’t bring your mother along. If you want to catch the YOG 3-on-3 basketball games, here are the dates:

August 15 to 23 (except August 20)

For the competition schedule

How to buy tickets


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Adeline is a mother of three and a published children’s book author. She has written 15 books, including two national best sellers. "The Diary of Amos Lee: I Sit, I Write, I Flush!" also won the International School Libraries Network's Red Dot Award for Best Junior Book. She is currently on a scholarship, pursuing an MFA in Dramatic Writing from New York University’s Tisch School of the Arts Asia.