Scenestealer: Kenny G & Rahul Sharma – ‘Namaste’

By EditorEvents - 17 July 2012 3:06 PM | Updated 25 July 2012

Scenestealer: Kenny G & Rahul Sharma – ‘Namaste’

You’ve probably have heard his music almost everywhere you go – in lifts, hotel lobbies, the waiting tone over the phone. But before you write off the shaggy-haired saxophone virtuoso’s tunes as muzak, he pulls off a cool trick and releases a new album; one that veers slightly off the smooth-jazz route, we’re accustomed to.

‘Namaste’ is a collaborative album by Indian vocalist and santoor (an Indian stringed musical instrument) player Rahul Sharma, and Grammy-winning pied piper Kenny G.

 The idea for the album was born when Kenny was performing in Mumbai several years ago and Rahul came backstage to introduce himself and share some of his CD's with Kenny. 

Kenny G told The Times of India, "Before coming to India I was listening to a few Indian musicians and Rahul Sharma's CD was among them. To my surprise I bumped into him just before getting on stage in Mumbai. We got chatting and decided to work on something together."

The artists exchanged music files via the internet and the result was ‘Namaste India’, released in 2011.

The 10-track – which contains tunes like ‘Dance of the Elephant God’, ‘Lotus Lovers’ and ‘Transcendental Consciousness’ – have been remixed on the new album by Kid Tricky of the UK dance music group Bimbo Jones.

‘Namaste’ is just what its title suggests -- Light Indian melodies built around the santoor and the breezy strains of Kenny G’s saxophone, coupled with the odd table beat and Sharma’s effervescent vocals.

If you’re a fan to easy-listening jazz and ‘World Music’, perhaps this might be your cup of tea. But for jazz purists, we recommend that you skip this one.

Namaste (radio edit) by concordmusicgroup