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School’s Out for December!

By Mia HengEvents - 21 November 2011 4:38 PM | Updated 10:27 AM

School’s Out for December!

Six long weeks of school vacay are no reasons for the little ones to slack! We do a quick round-up of what your kids can get busy with during this year-end holiday. The best part is, these activities combine leisure with education. After all, who said learning can’t be fun? 

I’m A Singapore History Explorer

Fridays, 25 Nov & 2 Dec, 11:30am & 2:30pm
Saturdays, 26 Nov & 3 Dec, 10:30am, 12:30pm & 3pm

Sundays, 27 Nov & 4 Dec, 10:30am, 12:30pm & 3pm
Free on a first come, first served basis (Limited to 30 participants per session)
Explore Singapore’s history in a fun and interactive way through the National Museum’s signature interactive tours. Join and help Miss Luisa Contini, a journalist, as she investigates Singapore’s colourful past and embark on an exciting journey of discovery in the Singapore History Gallery.
Where: National Museum of Singapore

Journey through Clans in Chinatown

Saturdays, 26 Nov & 3 Dec, 9:30am–12:30pm
Adult: $6, Student/Senior Citizen: $4
Limited spaces available on a first come, first served basis. To register, email [email protected] with your name, NRIC, age and contact number.
Do you know that Chinatown has some of the oldest clan associations in Singapore? Clan associations are an important part of Singapore’s heritage and continue to play significant roles today. Join URA’s planner on a journey through the rich culture and history of various clan associations in Chinatown. Learn more about the historic buildings they are located in and their unique architecture. Listen to delightful stories including those of a clan related to the famous martial arts master, Wong Fei Hong.
Where: Singapore City Gallery


Syonan-To, 1942 / Fort Siloso night tours

Fridays, 25 Nov & 2 Dec
Saturdays, 26 Nov & 3 Dec
Guided tour starts punctually at 7pm, 8pm & 9pm (rain or shine event). Limited to 20 participants per tour. $28 per person (price applicable to both adult and child), inclusive of Sentosa Island admission, a one-way cable car ride from HarbourFront Tower 2. Guests for this event have to arrive via Singapore Cable Car.
Start with a view of Sentosa Island and then begin the tour on a tram ride from Imbiah Lookout to Fort Siloso, to a time when Singapore was renamed “Syonan-to” during the Japanese Occupation in 1942-1945. Meet characters from the past and hear their resourceful and creative efforts to supplement their food rations and to remain upbeat despite the trials and deprivations of wartime conditions. This tour will serve as a reflective moment on what war has to teach us and to be appreciative of the peace and plenty we have today. * highly recommended for aged 9 and up
Where:Fort Siloso


Titanic: The Artifact Exhibition

Till 29 April 2012, 10am to 10pm. Tickets start at $13 for children aged 2 – 12 and $20 for adults
On display at the exhibition are 275 authentic artefacts rescued from the final resting place of the Titanic, 14 of which have never been seen before and are now revealed to the world for the first time in Singapore. In addition, the exhibition has room recreations of the First Class Corridor and the Grand Staircase, along with interactive elements such as the Ice Wall and Promenade Deck, which is designed to immerse visitors in the grandeur and drama of the ship’s story.
Where:ArtScience Museum

Stories Come Alive!

28 Nov – 2 Dec, 9am – 11:30am
Minimum 10 children to start.
Let the little ones enter the whimsical worlds of make believe and be expose to a myriad emotions like joy, sadness, fear and excitement while learning about precious values and morals inherent in delightful stories such as The Little Red Hen and The Gingerbread Man. Children will get to watch puppets at play, hop and bop to catchy tunes, learn to read and write, have cookery lessons that centre around the theme of the stories and have fun in a Mandarin-based environment – perfect for promoting creative thinking and artistic expression! * for kids aged 3 and 4
Where: Twinkle Kidz (17 Jalan Saudara Ku, Seaside Park,6245 0838)


The Lion, The Witch & The Wardrobe – Play
26 Nov – 12 Dec, $20 – $36 

The story starts in England in World War II, where Peter, Susan, Edmund & Lucy Pevensie are sent to live with their uncle during the bombing of London. There, Lucy discovers a magic wardrobe.

Lucy's siblings don't believe her story and the wardrobe until Edmund follows Lucy into the wardrobe one day and ends up in Narnia too. He meets the White Witch and is fooled into believing that she is good. Eventually, Peter & Susan also enter Narnia, where they discover that Edmund has been captured by the White Witch and that she plans to kill them.

Guided by the helpful creatures of the forest, the children seek out a lion named Aslan who can help them save both their friend and brother from the Witch. But can they make it in time? And at what price?
Where:Suntec Convention Centre Theatre


Act 3 Drama Academy Workshop: Oh Rats! The Pied Piper Story

28 Nov – 16 Dec, 9:30am – 11:30am, 3pm – 5pm
$220 for ages 3 – 7, $270 for ages 8 – 10
These workshops for 3 to 10 year olds will develop life skills such as social interaction, confidence and spontaneity, as well as inculcate an appreciation of children’s literary works and the basics of theatre. The script will be tweaked in accordance to the different age groups but will achieve the overall objective of enhancing the child’s life through drama. * for kids aged 3 to 10


Children will learn the art of performance by acting out different scenes from this classic tale that offers many opportunities to stretch their imagination. Using basic tools of drama and simple rhymes to enhance speech and listening skills, they will also explore characterisation with movement and facial expressions. *for 3 to 7 year olds

Piper Pete

The tale of Pied Piper will be given a brand new twist with bandits, dangerous plots and even a talent hunt among the children! The skills that will be taught include improvisation, role playing, as well as understanding the workings of a stage. Crucial themes such as honesty and forgiveness will be highlighted as well. * for 8 to 10 year olds
Where:Act 3 Theatre


My Home is a Zoo!

28 Nov – 2 Dec, 9am – 11:30am
Minimum 10 children to start.
For all intrepid explorers to embark on a journey through the animal kingdom, this interactive camp emphasises on language and literary that aim to fire up the young ones’ imagination and confidence in Mandarin. They will try their hands at being little authors and bring home their self-made storybooks at the end of the workshop, which includes puppetry, songs, games, craftwork and cookery.* for kids aged 3 and 4
Where: Twinkle Kidz (17 Jalan Saudara Ku, Seaside Park,6245 0838)