Sebastien Vettel says…

By EditorEvents - 21 September 2010 9:00 AM | Updated 29 September 2010

Sebastien Vettel says…

Sebastien Vettel, 23

Red Bull Racing


The most commonly heard thing about Sebastien Vettel are the comparisons to another great German driver – Michael Schumacher.

This year alone, he’s been involved in some controversial accidents including crashes with other drivers, even one with his own teammate Webber at the Turkish Grand Prix. Needless to say though, he’s been one of the more successful young drivers in Formula One so far, and was even runner-up for the 2009 Formula One World Driver’s Championship (he’s also the youngest ever runner-up to date).

Though he’s had two retirements so far, he’s also scored six podium finishes including two victories. While he’s currently third in the World Championship title race, It’s only a matter of time before Sebastien emerges victorious as the Driver’s Champion in the future. In the mean time, it’s just good fun watching him race.


You’ve held a few records as being the ‘youngest driver to…’ in Formula One. Does that add extra pressure on you to perform as you mature and gain more experience?

No, I would say pressure builds up when you for example had one very good season, like I was second last season, so for this season I should expect the title....

How do you feel you’ve been doing so far in the season?

In total I would say we had a good season so far. As we are leading the Championship at the moment. But there are races where we could have picked up more points and done better. But the most important is that we know about the mistakes learned from them and make sure that they don’t happen in the future again.



What are you hoping to achieve at the Singapore Grand Prix?

For sure I want to win the race, although Singapore as being a street circuit and the only night race in the calendar I would be fantastic to have a good result.

Off the track, how do you prepare for a race?

As soon as I get back from a race I re-start with my usual training which includes cycling, Badminton, Tennis I always like to try new sports rather than having every day the same on the training programme.

I read that you once wanted to be like Michael Jackson, and pursue a career in singing – is that something you still want to do, and do you ever sing for your pit crew as you’re racing?

No I think I am more successful in continuing with my Formula 1 career rather than starting a career as singer  J

How do you come up with the names for your cars (this year’s car is called Randy Mandy)?

I discuss the names with my mechanics, they usually come up with very good suggestions as you can see from the names so far.

What do you enjoy doing when you’re off the track?

Spending time with my family or friends, in particular I like playing football.

Describe what your perfect GP weekend would be like.

Being on Pole on Saturday and winning the Race on Sunday

Describe yourself in five words.

I don’t like talking about myself, better you ask somebody else


Describe your teammate in five words.

I’m not sure how to do that. But I like that he has an individual sense of humour, what I don’t like is when I can’t understand the strange Aussie slang!