Things to Do with your Kids

Sentosa for kids

By Gregory LeowEvents - 25 December 2012 9:10 AM | Updated 06 September 2014

Sentosa for kids

Fun things to do with your kids in Sentosa. This family travel guide will help you get the most out of your visit. All photos: STB

If there is one thing all parents have when they go out with the kids, it’s a plan.

Without one, you’re likely to feel exhausted, harrowed, manic, panic-stricken, or all of the above.

Luckily, Sentosa is tailored for kids of all ages. From adrenaline-fueled rides at Universal Studios Singapore to water fun by the beach, most of the island’s attractions are accessible to kids over the age of five or six; and best of all; adults can enjoy them as well.

Whether you're looking to spend a packed weekend or a fun-filled school holiday day there, try these mini-itineraries that will occupy the most irritable of toddlers or hard-to-please teenagers.


Port of Lost Wonder

Toddlers to 5 year olds

Start the day on a high note by boarding the Sentosa Express ($3.50 per entry. Free for children under three). While not an obvious attraction, it’s the closest thing to Thomas the Tank Engine and a great way to end the day – “Who wants to ride the train?” sounds a lot more appealing than “it’s time to go home.”

Head to Palawan Beach (Beach station; Blue line bus), Sentosa’s most kid-friendly beach, where large breakwaters preventing big waves from coming in.

While your child could spend all day at the beach, it’d be a waste not to head to Sentosa’s latest attraction, the Port Of Lost Wonder (POLW) (Palawan Beach | 1800-736 8672 | Weekdays: $8 per child, $15 on weekends. Adults enter free with a child.) Designed specifically for younger kids aged from 3 to 10, the main attraction is a water play area in the form of a pirate ship structure with two slides and water cannons. Other distractions include an animal/bird show, storytelling sessions and a shop selling edutainment toys, beach gear and souvenirs.

All that running should work up an appetite; the food at the Port Belly restaurant/bistro ($8.80 for a kid’s main, side and dessert) conveniently located inside the club has a comprehensive kid’s menu with mini pizzas, pastas and burgers.


wave house
Wave House Sentosa

5 -9 year olds

Even though your kid is a bit older, he/she can still head to POLW, but how about a day of adrenaline-packed activities?

Start with the Singapore Cable Car Ride (The Jewel Box | 109 Mount Faber Road | 6377 9636 | Adult: $29, child: $18 for a round trip) which takes you to Imbiah Lookout, the highest mount in Sentosa. Another option is the Tiger Sky Tower (41 Imbiah Road | 6736 8672 | Adult: $15, child $10), Asia’s tallest free-standing observation tower and the highest viewing point 131 meters above sea level. On a clear day, you can even see Malaysia if you face west.

Ramp up the thrills on the Skyline Luge Sentosa (Imbiah Lookout Sentosa Island, 45 Siloso Beach Walk | 6274 0472 | $12.50), where you'll race 650 meters downhill. Alternatively, there is the MegaZip Adventure Park (Imbiah Hill Road | 6884 5602 | $35) where you zoom down an exhilarating 450m on a zip line ending at the beach.

At Siloso Beach, you can introduce your kid to body boarding on continuous manmade waves moving at 32kmph at Wave House Singapore (36 Siloso Beach Walk | 6377 3113), or he might prefer free fall skydiving in the largest wind tunnel in the world at iFly Singapore (43 Siloso Beach Walk | 6571 0000 |  Adult: $89, child: $79 for two skydives). If there is still time, he/she can try his hand piloting a Segway cruiser at the Gogreen Segway Eco Adventure's (50 Beach View, #01-K5, Segway Hub | 9825 4066 | $12 for one round) circuit trail of twist, turns and inclined slopes.

Feeling hungry? Kid-friendly Trapizza (101 Siloso Road | 63762662) has a spacious outdoor eating space, a couple of children's tables inside and lots of pizza. If you’re in luck, the staff will bring out some pizza dough for your young one to play with.

The Jurassic Park ride at USS


9 to 12 year olds

When your child hits the age of nine, you’ll be able to take them to the holy grail of kid entertainment: Universal Studios Singapore (8 Sentosa Gateway | 6577 8888 | Adult: $74, child: $54 for peak single day passes).

This is not to say you can’t go if they’re younger, but we’re pretty sure you want to avoid disappointing your kid when you tell that they can’t go on the awesome Battlestar Galactica: Human vs. Cylon ride, the tallest duelling rollercoaster in the world; coming in at a high 42.5 metres.

Your kid also needs to be that old to go on Revenge of the Mummy: The Ride, which is based on the “Mummy” film franchise. Passengers go up against fireballs, scarab beetles and robotic warrior mummies, all in partial darkness. Just make sure that your child is above 125cm tall, the minimum height to go on either one of these bad boys.

Here’s a tip, bring an extra change of clothes. There are a total of 20 rides to go on and attractions such as the Jurassic Park Rapids Adventure may get him/her wet.


Fort Siloso

13 to 16 year olds

Sneak some education into a day of fun, you know for the all-important upcoming O-levels and all.

Gather a few of his friends and head to Fort Siloso (33 Allanbrooke Road | 6275 0388 | Adult: $8, child: $5), Singapore’s only preserved coastal fort. Between the life-sized wax figurines and a large collection of WWII memorabilia, your child can learn a bit about Singapore’s World War II history.

Before they moan about how history is boring, entice them with the promise of lazer tag. A combat simulation game, Combat Skirmish Live (103 Siloso Road, #01-01 | 62724649 | $35) throws your kid and his friends into a maze battle where they dodge lazer fire and shoot their opponents.

After all the excitement, the excellent Maritime Experiential Museum (8 Sentosa Gateway | 6577 8888 | Adult: $5, child: $2), is nearby. The first museum to chart the 1,100-year history of the Maritime Silk Road connecting Asia and Europe, there are more than 400 artifacts on display and a full-size replica of Admiral Cheng Ho's Treasure Ship.

The museum is located close to Hard Rock Singapore (The Forum #02-209 | 6795 7454) where no weird stares will come your way if the kids get a bit rowdy. And if the group is of mixed ages, the kid’s menu has all sorts of activities – colouring and quizzes, crayons and balloons included – to keep the younger ones occupied.