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Sentosa Spooktacular 2012: Weird scares

By Patrick BenjaminEvents - 17 October 2012 3:06 PM | Updated 10:10 AM

Sentosa Spooktacular 2012: Weird scares

The Scary: For the first time ever, Fort Siloso will open at night. With its bloody history as a POW camp during World War 2, there have been numerous accounts of ghastly sightings and other grisly incidents here, even right up to the present day. All valiant punters are warned to cautiously navigate the five, specially created Halloween trails.

We think the scariest person in this picture is the one in the middle

The Schlock: With over 450 skeletons, skulls and cheap props like plastic rats, tombstones and weapons scattered throughout the former British artillery stronghold, it uncannily resembles a low-budget, horror film set-up. The cast of over 200 Asian-inspired horror characters such as pontianaks, ghost brides, orang minyaks, geishas, World War 2-era soldiers, Thai monks, Chinese vampires, getai singers and Thai ladyboys inhabiting the trails, accentuates the corniness factor, especially when the actors ham it up for the photography obsessed punters. 


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The Trails:Camp Berhantu, an interactive trail where game punters armed with a laser gun navigate the dark recesses of a haunted barrack, is not particularly scary. But the pitch-black darkness, random blitzkriegs of strobesque beams from the guns and frantic screams might give you a minor headache.

Next up was the Deadly Doll Studio, a cavern of grotesque, life-like dolls and masks that ooze. To us, it was more poorly conceived than Camp Berhantu, which was at least obliquely connected to the Fort’s history.

Ghouls doing the Gangnam Style. As if the dance is not scary enough

We followed our tragically insipid pitstop with The Land of Lost Souls, and clambered onboard a fictitious Sawadee Airlines flight. Arguably the longest trail, it mimics a forgotten island called Dwing Wiyyan and is inhabited by the spirits of every Thai archetype including feisty Muay Thai combatants, flirty ladyboys and sullen monks. There were one or two genuine scares here, including a large black barrier that unexpectedly suffocates punters who are negotiating this trail. Beware of the steps as you journey through the tunnel, last thing you need is an injury while fleeing the advances of a rotund ladyboy.

After discovering that she is not scary, this poor ghost killed herself

The Last Sequel is a trail seemingly inspired by the stranger than life journey of an ill-fated author, who lost his wife and sister in gruesome deaths. While it purports to be a horrific plot, one can’t help but sense that writers would be more afraid of an impending deadline than the bloody remains of their loved ones.

All the anti-climatic thrills finally come to an end in the Ouija Board trail. Styled after a dilapidated house, which became a regular haunt of occultists, this relatively short trail is limited to six punters at a time. It was largely undone by cheap looking props but redeemed by genuine scares from the cast.

Sentosa Spooktacular is on 19 & 20, 26-28 Oct; 711pm; Fort Siloso, 33 Allanbrooke Road, Siloso Point; 6736 8672. Tickets priced at $28$98.