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Oscar 2013: Seth MacFarlane, Emma Stone to announce Oscar noms

By Brent LangMovies - 08 January 2013 5:03 PM

Oscar 2013: Seth MacFarlane, Emma Stone to announce Oscar noms

Seth MacFarlane will announce the list of nominations for the 85th Academy Awards in the wee hours Thursday morning, becoming the first Oscar host to do the honors since Charlton Heston performed the same trick in 1972.

Unlikely emcees included Laurence Olivier and Robert Shaw ... but we digress.

The point is it's rare for Oscar hosts to rouse themselves from bed to unveil the Academy Award contenders. Helping MacFarlane read off this year's crop of hopefuls will be 'The Amazing Spider-Man' and 'Gangster Squad' star Emma Stone. Last year, Jennifer Lawrence announced the nominations.

Typically, the nomination-announcement chores are handled by the Academy president and by an actor who in the past has either won or been nominated for an Oscar winner. But one-term AMPAS president Hawk Koch has apparently opted out of the duties, while neither Stone nor MacFarlane have ever been nominated. 

(That could change this year; the song that MacFarlane co-wrote from 'Ted', 'Everybody Needs a Best Friend', is in the running in the Best Original Song category.

The pair will do the honors at a 5:38 a.m. PT (9.30am Singapore time) news conference at the Academy's Samuel Goldwyn Theater in Beverly Hills. You can watch the live broadcast here: