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Hollywood movies serve up porn and sex

By Anjali RaguramanMovies - 11 October 2013 12:00 AM

Hollywood movies serve up porn and sex

Sex, sex, and more sex. Got your attention yet?

Filmmakers have never shied away from making movies about the subject matter, and audiences keep showing up. Lately though, it seems every other US movie is dealing with sex, with biopics about former pornstars ('Lovelace') and porn moguls ('The Look Of Love'), and even indie films ('Don Jon') have entered the fray. Not to be forgotten are the token prostitute vampire movie ('Byzantium') and a dramedy about a sex addict ('Thanks for Sharing').

We take these R-rated films and rate them on their sex appeal.

'Byzantium' (Opens 10 October 2013)

A vampire duo, who has lived for 200 years as immortals, is at the centre of this fantasy-thriller. While Clara (Gemma Arterton) makes a living as a prostitute and part-time stripper, young Eleanor (Siaorse Ronan) has a much tamer disposition as a school girl and accomplished pianist. They escape to a decrepit seaside hotel which they turn into a brothel, where they continue to traverse the centuries making a living.

Why it’s hot: Between the bloodsucking and sexualised gore, Gemma Arterton’s killer curves are on full display, and she serves up the sex appeal unabashedly.

Sizzle meter: 4 out of 5


‘Lovelace’ (Opens 17 October 2013)

Amanda Seyfried (‘Les Miserables’, ‘Red Riding Hood’) plays Linda Lovelace, adult film legend and the unofficial poster girl of the sexual revolution of the 1970s. Her blossoming from small-town girl to the infamous star of porn classic ‘Deep Throat’ is captured in stark detail in this biopic. Going behind the scenes of the porn world, the film also explores the darker, more violent side of the business, where Lovelace endured exploitation and abuse at the hands of her husband Chuck Traynor (Peter Sarsgaard).

Why it’s hot: James Franco in a cameo as Hugh Hefner. Other than that, the film is surprisingly sexless for a film based on the porn industry. 

Sizzle meter: 1 out of 5 


'The Look of Love' (Opens 24 October 2013)

This is the tragic story of Paul Raymond (played by comedian Steve Coogan), who at one point was the richest man in Britain because he was a property and porn magnate. As the man behind soft-porn publications such as ‘Men Only’, his philandering and promiscuous ways eventually ruined his domestic life. 

Why it’s hot: Paul Raymond beds a new model every night, and there are many waifish British women appearing throughout the film.

Sizzle meter: 2 out of 5


'Don Jon' (Opens 7 November 2013)

Joseph Gordon-Levitt ('Inception', '500 Days of Summer') makes his directorial and screenwriting debut in this take on a young man’s intimacy issues. While Gordon-Levitt is better known for his quirky, romantic characters, this film marks his departure from boy-next-door roles as he plays a man caught between his porn obsession and his desire to settle down after he meets a beautiful woman (Scarlett Johansson).

Why it’s hot: Gordon-Levitt's newly buff body in all its shirtless glory. Also, Esquire’s newly renamed ‘sexiest woman live’ Scarlett Johansson. Need we say more?

Sizzle Meter: 5 out of 5


'Thanks for Sharing' (Opens 12 December 2013)

Gwyneth Paltrow and Mark Ruffalo star is this comedy-drama about a recovering sex addict and his struggles with meeting the love of his life. It’s a hard task, what with sexual temptations beckoning on every billboard, media commercial and computer screen. Five years sober, he has to learn to reconcile his addiction problems with his newfound feelings for Phoebe (Gwyneth Paltrow), who confesses that she could never get involved with an addict again.

Why it’s hot: Pepper Potts and the Hulk getting it on. 'Avengers' fanfic types would appreciate this.

Sizzle meter: 3 out of 5