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Sezairi: 'Acting is addictive'

By Zaki JufriMovies - 08 July 2015 10:52 AM | Updated 10 July 2015

Sezairi: 'Acting is addictive'

Sezairi has caught the acting bug.

The 28-year-old singer-songwriter whose full name is Mohamad Sezairi Bin Sezali, makes his debut as an actor in the upcoming movie ‘1965’ says that he finally “gets why people become actors now”.

“Those little moments when you’re delivering your lines spot on or when you’re totally immersed in your character are really gratifying,” he told Movies. 

But being a first time actor is not without its challenges.

“Becoming someone else is so difficult. Trying to make it as a musician and being yourself through your music is already an uphill task. It was very difficult just being Sezairi – the musician – all these years. And then going into acting, I had to unlearn it all to become someone else,” he explained. 


In the movie, Sezairi plays Adi, a police constable who gets tangled up in the tumultuous events of 1960s Singapore.

The movie, which opens on 30 July and stars Lim Kay Tong, Joanne Peh, Qi Yuwu, Mike Kasem and Malaysian actress-singer Deanna Yusoff, is told through Adi’s eyes as he narrates the unfolding events.

'1965' trailer

“Adi is a neutral, non-intrusive guy and he doesn’t like to add fuel to the fire. It really made sense to have him narrate the film,” said the 2009 'Singapore Idol' winner.

He revealed that the entire experience being in the movie as an “emotionally turbulent” time, culminating in the singer-actor proposing to his girlfriend of six years, Syaza Qistina Tan on his last day on the set of '1965'.

“I feel like I have reached a whole new level of emotional maturity doing this film,” he said. 


Qi Yuwu, Sezairi Sezali and Deanna Yusoff in '1965' | Photo: MM2

Sezairi is specially thankful for the guidance actress Deanna Yusoff. The actress who has starred in ‘Army Daze’ (1996) and ‘Anna And The King’ (1990) plays his mother in the movie.

“I learnt everything about acting from Deanna. When I first met Deanna on the first day of rehearsal, what I learnt from her was so invaluable that I would keep with me forever.

“When she came into the room with the script, she ripped it apart… not literally. She broke everything down right to the minuscule details and I learnt so much from just watching her as an actress studying a character.” 

“She opened me up creatively when we were doing scenes together. Acting is such a different experience than singing because singing is a spontaneous thing whereas acting is more like a study. It was emotionally overwhelming." He said.  


Sezairi Sezali has written a song, 'Selamat Pagi', for '1965' | Photo: MM2

Besides a starring role, Sezairi is also contributing a new song for the movie.

Titled ‘Selamat Pagi' (Good morning), the song is written and produced by Malaysian producer Malique Ibrahim. 

“There’s a line in the chorus that goes ‘yesterday has come and pass; we don’t know how or when tomorrow will come’. That sums up how I feel about this movie,” he explained. 

“When we put the song into the film, it breathed new life into it,” said director Randy Ang. 

The singer is also releasing a new EP of English songs, which will be released at the end of the year.

It was recorded in Bandung, Indonesia in collaboration with Indonesian producer Ari Renaldi, who also produced his recent single, ‘Jangan Coba Berlari’ (Don’t try to run). 

Now that he’s bitten by the acting bug, will fans see more of Sezairi on the silver screen or even on television?

“My first passion will always be music as I think that is my God-given talent. But acting is another path that I can take now; depending on the role and whether I can do a good job or not." 

‘1965’ opens 30 July

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