Smooth sailing

By EditorEvents - 23 July 2010 9:00 AM | Updated 16 September 2010

Smooth sailing

Darren Choy, 16

National Sailor


Sailing isn’t exactly your typical sport, so how did you get started?

When I was in Primary 3, the sailing ECA teacher asked me if I wanted to try out, and then I got addicted. Before that I wasn’t really sure which sport I wanted to take!


So far now, how long have you been competing?

It’s been about five years now.


How do you think you’ll perform at the YOG?

I’m not really sure but I’m going to try my best. I’ve won other world championships before, but not all the competitors taking part in the YOG were involved in those, so I can’t really predict how it will turn out.


There’s plenty to get ready for, so how has your training schedule been like?

At the moment we’re training four to five times a week, for about five hours each day. Sometimes we have gym sessions on the day that we’re not sailing. During sailing training, we have goals that we set and work towards – things that cover the more technical parts of sailing.


What are you looking forward to during the YOG?

I’m looking forward to meeting new friends and I think it’ll be quite interesting.


As a young athlete yourself with some experience now, what would you tell aspiring athletes?

Just have fun and don’t give up!


What other sports will you be watching during the YOG?

Mountain biking! I’m quite interested in that, so I’d love to follow and see how it goes.


What do you ultimately hope to achieve in sailing?

It’d be great to get an Olympic gold, but at the moment I’ll have to see if I keep on sailing in the first place.


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