South of Heaven

By inSing EditorEvents - 28 October 2013 8:35 PM | Updated 06 November 2013

South of Heaven


Photo credit: Cheryl Koh

Travellers willing to venture the extra mile (ok, 150 miles) from mainland Australia to Tasmania are rewarded with a bounty of priceless sights and experiences.



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Instagram photo of Bruny Island

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Photo credit: JJ Harrison (Wikimedia Commons)

Send your friends pictures of the island’s infamously adorable Tasmanian devils, or of the people you meet on this untouched gem of the Tasman Sea.


Instagram photo of Mount Wellington

Mount Wellington rests in her floral splendour a few miles inland from Hobart and Storm Bay. For centuries, her gentle ridges hid an enormous variety of plant and animal species from the outside world. For $75, one can descend by bicycle from her snowy 1,270m peak, cruising with a tour guide past panoramic views of inlets, bays and historical landmarks. The prehistoric trails of this quiet mountain may also be explored on saddleback or in the comfort of a four-wheel-drive, while guided by a local conservationist.


Instagram photo of Bruny Island

One may choose to camp out in cosy cottages when exploring the ecologically diverse Bruny Island. Go on an island cruise and use data roam to tweet or rave on Facebook about scenic bays, penguin nests, and the neck that links Bruny’s two islands into one, as well as unusually formed caves and cliffs. Colonies of seals and rookeries of mutton birds often draw the most ooh’s and ah’s from passengers on this captivating ride.


Instagram photo of Cataract Gorge

The awe-inspiring Cataract Gorge is a mere 45-minute flight from Melbourne. Shallow enough to wade through at some points, Cataract Gorge occasionally flooded before Trevallyn Dam was built to contain the Eski River’s mercurial nature. Tourists travel from far and wide to walk its pathway, built in 1890, which overlooks Eski’s picturesque waters.


Instagram photo of Nelson Falls

Just one and a half hours west of Launceston, Dove Lake’s clear waters are enclosed by Cradle Mountain’s verdant ranges. Tucked away in its lush landscape are native pademelons, currawongs and wombats. A 10-room photographic gallery nearby is dedicated to snapshots of this unspoilt haven. Not far from the cool Ballroom Forest and majestic Nelson Falls is Glacier Rock, whose rugged beauty was carved from hard quartzite by an ancient drifting Antarctic glacier. 


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