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Spooky Fun

By Tay Yek KeakEvents - 18 October 2013 5:18 PM | Updated 22 October 2013

Spooky Fun

Be afraid; be very afraid.  

Imagine being on the set of ‘Shutter’, the very scary Thai horror film (2004) about a vengeful female spook and ghosts which pop up as freaky images in photographs.   

You go through a pitch-black maze and end up in an eerie, claustrophobic photo studio where a ghost lingers as camera flashes go off to unnerve you.  

How about another one where you venture into a film-developing room?  

One poor dude’s kinda bent over there near the wall because a spook is ….. let’s just say she’s weighing him down.

If you saw ‘Shutter’, like I did the day my hair turned haunted white, you’d know what I mean.

Over at the ‘Body’ trail – based on a 2007 scare flick which had pee-in-the-pants scenes in a hospital – you enter a creepy darkened morgue with a gruesome cut-up body for company.

Happy feet

You can also smell that sickening hospital smell which comes from keeping dead stuff preserved in bottles.  

And oh, don’t look up to the ceiling.  

Somebody’s very long spooky black hair might just get you.

Welcome to Spooktacular 2013.

Or to be precise, "Hell-come" because this year, the organisers – Sentosa Leisure Management and Thai partner GTH (a major film production company which has produced several Thai horror hits) – promise that their annual Halloween fright fest at Fort Siloso will, as one representative puts it, “scare the s**t out of everybody”.  

How spooky?

Well, five horror trails have been set up in the theme, atmosphere and spirit (no pun intended) of five top Thai horror films – ‘Shutter’, ‘Body’, ‘Dorm’ (2006), ‘Coming Soon’ (2008) and ‘Pee Mak’ (2013) – with the thrills designed by the film directors themselves (Shutter’s Parkpoom Wongpoom and Body’s Paween Purijitpanya).

Some of the trails have been stuffed into the tunnels of the fort.

Others placed into buildings nearby.


There’s even a Thai village set from ‘Pee Mak’ where you can chill yourself right out in the open under the stars with spooks galore, a gate of skulls, a tree of bodies, tombstones and a huge prop which looks like somebody is going to offer a human sacrifice maybe at midnight.

Warning: Access to the field is via a rickety bridge, so please don’t wear heels, tie up your mobile phone and try not to look too down.   

Try also not to get too perturbed by the sounds and screams, both recorded and emitted by about 200 spook actors whose primary job is to “scare you forward”.

Just in case you faint, wet yourself or have a heart attack, relax.

The organisers assure you that they are trained in CPR and toilet cleaning.

It’s all in good fun, of course.  

It took about 500 crew and staff members about six months to make the props, build the sets, train the “ghosts” and, presumably, exorcise the native spirits of Pulau Blakang Mati (Sentosa’s old inauspicious name) to put this mammoth event of fright, frills and creepy, enjoyable fun together.

You are expected to laugh, scream, giggle and play your part too. 

Your Spooktacular ticket comes with a funeral visit

Each participant on a trail will be given a task to fulfil – such as burning a ghostly photo in a funeral parlour on the Shutter Trail – to ward off the spirits.  

Fake flames, of course.     

Spooktacular 2013 is making this the first entertainingly immersive horror experience for Halloween.

Don’t worry.

No Thai pumpkin ghost is going to follow you home.  

Read our interview with Thai director Paween Purijitpanya who gave us the very scary 'Body' (2007).

Date: 19, 25, 26, 31 October; 1, 2 November 2013 | Time: 7-11pm | Venue: Fort Siloso, Sentosa | Tickets: $66.60 | Website: