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Sports Guide: Ultimate Frisbee

By Dawn NgEvents - 18 November 2009 12:00 AM | Updated 12 August 2010

Sports Guide: Ultimate Frisbee


A common fixture at picnics at the park or by the beach, the simple game of frisbee has stepped up a notch in the sporting arena with the introduction of ultimate frisbee.

What is ultimate frisbee?

Ultimate frisbee, also known as Ultimate, is an exciting, non-contact team sport which brings together the best elements of soccer, American football and netball in a simple yet demanding game. Simply put, ultimate is a seven-a-side team sport played with the aim of passing the frisbee to your teammate at your opponent's goal area, thereby scoring points.

Origins of ultimate frisbee

Interestingly enough, the idea for the frisbee was inspired by a pie company in Connecticut, USA. The Frisbie Baking Company opened in the 1870s and sold pies in tin plate holders to college students living in the area. The pies were a hit among the students, who not only loved the delicious treat but also found great fun in tossing the empty pie tins to each other.

It was only years later that Wham-O, a toy company, produced a plastic flying disc, similar to the Frisbie pie tins in 1948. A year after the Frisbie Baking Company closed, Wham-O registered the name Frisbee for its flying disc products, marking the rise in popularity of the disc and the game.

Ultimate frisbee, on the other hand, was invented in 1968 by a group of high school students in New Jersey. The name Ultimate, was based on the notion of the 'ultimate spirit of the game', referring to the high level of sportsmanship in ultimate frisbee.

I want to play ultimate frisbee!

While ultimate frisbee is played in over forty countries around the world, it first started in Singapore back in 1996 and was a sport played mainly by expatriates. Locals and youths only started catching on to the sport later in 2003 and since then, ultimate frisbee has grown in popularity here.

Being a self-refereed sport, sportsmanship is of utmost importance in ultimate frisbee. Beginners who sign up for classes will learn how to throw and catch a frisbee as this forms the main foundation for the game. They will also learn how to balance their bodies and pick up basic defence and marking skills.


"Players are not allowed to run with the frisbee and must make a pass within 10 seconds of receiving the frisbee," says Rahim Resad, head coach of ultimate frisbee at Singapore frisbee sports. "This is why passing and catching the frisbee is so important," he adds.

What skills do I need?

Ultimate frisbee is, ultimately, a pretty easy game to grasp and one does not need any prior sporting skills to play, assures coach Rahim.

Classes for beginners are usually packaged at four weekly sessions, enabling students to get a better feel of the sports. While practice once a week is sufficient for newcomers, regulars can play the sport up to 4 times a week out of passion and love for the game.

Where do I sign up?

To get a better idea of what ultimate frisbee is all about, head to the open field at Bugis every Saturday between 9am - 11am. Alternatively, log on to for more information.