The daredevil arrives: Oh no, it's Steve-O

By Andre Brinstan FroisEvents - 16 July 2014 11:00 AM | Updated 4:32 PM

The daredevil arrives: Oh no, it's Steve-O

He is remembered for making headlines when he stapled his genitals to his thigh on several occasions, and sent random items up his anus. 

And now, television personality Steve-O, who proclaims that “I do dumb things” on his Twitter account, is taking his brand of stunt-based comedy to Singapore.

Not that it is his first visit here. 

“I've been to Singapore before and liked it a lot,” the happy-go-lucky, now-40-year-old recalled. “But this is my first time performing in a theatre. I can't wait, because it's going to be amazing!”

Born in London as Stephen Gilchrist Glover, he went to the US to learn to be a professional stuntman. His claim to fame is his daring forms of dangerous, squirmish stunts. 

His big break came when he was recruited to the MTV television series ‘Jackass’, where he became an international sensation when he pierced his buttocks together and electrocuted himself every now and then. 

When Steve-O’s ‘Guilty As Charged’ tour lands at the University Cultural Centre in the National University of Singapore on 10 August, expect an older and possibly wiser Steve to raise the roof with a more tasteful but nonetheless raucous show, albeit with a few slapstick surprises that only he will dare to execute. 


What are you up to these days, Steve?

I'm travelling quite a lot, and working on many new projects, all while keeping my body in peak physical condition!

Which stunts do you least regret?

My only regret about my stunts is that I didn't do more, and that I didn't push myself even harder on the ones I did. The stunt I regret the least is one that I can't talk about just yet, but everyone will hear about it right after I come home from Singapore. 

What might you be doing right now if ‘Jackass’ never took off?

I was working in the circus as a clown before Jackass started. In the worst-case scenario, I suppose I would still be in the circus, but I doubt if that would be the case. I've always been quite a hard worker, so I think I would have made a very similar career take shape. 

How would you describe your style?

I have the style of a skateboarder who isn't very young anymore. 

Some people say you are weird. Who are the weirdest celebrities that you’ve met?

I'll take that as a wonderful compliment, thank you! I thought Prince was pretty weird, and by weird, I mean "an a******". Ha! It's a shame, because it would be so easy for that guy to be super cool. I really wish he was, but he wasn't. 

Who would you like to perform a stunt with you?

For years, the answer to that question was Mike Tyson, but then my wish came true! I did a stunt with him and wound up with two black eyes and a broken nose. That was one of the best stunts ever.

(Actor Charlie Sheen faced the heat at the taping of a Comedy Central roast in 2011 with the US cable channel, when he was grilled by fellow actors. At the close, Steve asked Tyson to stick his fist out and he ran into it face-first at full speed.) 

What else is on your bucket list?

There's a movie project I'm working on that's taking up most of my bucket list right now. 

What does Steve-O get up to in between shows?

My favourite hobby is spending time with my dogs. I also love to surf, hike, ride bikes, play pool and darts, and, of course, make awesome videos. 

Why should people go watch your show?

Everyone should go see my show, because it will be the best show they've ever seen. Nobody has lived a life like mine, and nobody is as crazy as me. 

Fan question: Regurgitating a goldfish. From where did that idea come?

I thought of the goldfish trick over a year before I did it. It just came to me one day and I knew that would be a big one, so I saved it for a time when it would really count. Luckily, I saved it for just the right time.

Fan question: How did getting beaten by WWE wrestler Umaga feel? Is he the hardest hitter you know? 

Getting beaten up by Umaga was terrible. I was beaten into a blackout, and don't remember leaving the ring. Also, by terrible, I mean "it was awesome"!

Date: 10 August 2014 | Time: 7pm | Venue: University Cultural Centre Theatre, National University of Singapore, 50 Kent Ridge Crescent | Tickets: $78-$138 from Sistic

Steve-O 'Guilty As Charged' Tour

Steve-O 'Guilty As Charged' Tour

Date Aug 10, 2014

VenueNUS - University Cultural Centre Theatre

Ticket PriceS$88.00 - S$138.00
 (excludes booking fee)