Student Shannon Lim wins 2013 Grid Girl contest

By Kevin HoEvents - 20 September 2013 12:39 AM | Updated 3:11 PM

Student Shannon Lim wins 2013 Grid Girl contest

F1 drivers and teams aren’t the only ones who get crowned during the Singapore GP. SingTel’s Grid Girls get the glory too, and we have this year’s winner.

After weeks of intensive challenges in ‘The Singapore Factor’, an online series of three diverse webisodes, Shannon Lim (23, student) has been bestowed the grand honour of carrying the Singapore flag and flagging off the race on race day.

The first and second runners-up were Jermayne Chow (23, student) and Stacy Liu (21, student) respectively.

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The winner was determined via SMS and online votes by members of the public, with the total number of votes reaching close to a million.

“I watch the race every year and still can’t quite believe that I will be the one holding the national flag on the starting grid this weekend,” said Lim, who aspires to be a pre-school teacher and enjoys yoga, cycling, and shopping in her free time.

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The prestigious announcement was made in front of a live audience who gathered for The Pit Lane Experience, a Singapore GP first-time initiative where members of the public were invited onto the Marina Bay Street Circuit a day before its official opening.

The event’s 2,500 participants were not only treated to an up-close view of the F1 garages and engineers hard at work, but were also entertained by live musical acts, street performers, and given the privileged opportunity to walk on the hallowed race track itself.

With the top three SingTel Grid Girls firmly secured, and F1 enthusiasts roused for the race this weekend, the Singapore GP is off to a good start.