Sukki Singapora on the art of burlesque

By Zaki JufriEvents - 07 September 2015 5:23 PM | Updated 14 September 2015

Sukki Singapora on the art of burlesque

For someone whose work is to artfully remove pieces of clothing on stage, the most embarrassing thing to happen is a wardrobe malfunction.

“That Russian Roulette moment of getting an item of clothing stuck or hitched when you’re doing a routine on stage is very embarrassing for a burlesque artiste," Sukki Singapora said. "If you can avoid that, you’ve done your job correctly.”

Trained in classical ballet at the Royal Academy of Dance, Sukki is Singapore’s first international burlesque performer. Learning her craft from years of watching videos on YouTube, the 29-year-old artiste, whose real name is Sukki Menon, admitted that there was no shortage of awkward moments when she first performed on stage in 2011. 

Sukki Singapora | Photo Sukki Singapora

“It’s been a sharp learning curve when you’re self-taught. My first ever show was pretty embarrassing when everything got stuck. And I quickly learned that ribbons work better than zippers,” she said.

The London-based Sukki returns to Singapore 19 and 20 September to headline the 2015 F1 after-party Boudoir Noire Presents The Box (NYC) at Capitol Theatre. Part cabaret, vaudeville theatre and burlesque party, the event is perhaps one of the hottest events to watch this Singapore Grand Prix season.

One of the highlights of her upcoming performance here will feature a giant illuminated diamond ring on stage. The custom-made prop will be specially flown in and it is the first time this act will be performed in Singapore.

“There’s a massive diamond topping the ring where I will be performing. And of course, it will be filled with champagne. This will be the biggest routine I will ever perform here,” Sukki said. 

She was also quick to dispel the myth that burlesque is a raunchy and seedy activity akin to stripping. It's a celebration of the female form, she insisted.

“Yes, it’s sensual and it celebrates the female form but it’s for women, by women, and quite highbrow. Eighty per cent of my audiences are women,” she pointed out. 

She also insisted that anyone can take up burlesque and it is not only for women. There is "boylesque" for men.

“You don’t have to be thin, svelte or have plenty of curves to take up burlesque. It is for everyone of all shapes, sizes and even ages. When I was performing in Las Vegas, there was a 94-year-old performer who’s still shaking her stuff on stage. So never say you’re too old.

“What makes a great burlesque performer is someone who appreciates their body, comfortable in their own skin and is confident of being sexy for themselves.”

Boudoir Noire Presents The Box

Boudoir Noire Presents The Box

Date Sep 19, 2015 - Sep 20, 2015

VenueCapitol Theatre

Ticket PriceS$800.00
 (excludes booking fee)