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Teen DJs at Siloso Beach Party 2014

By Yong Jing YiEvents - 30 December 2014 4:04 PM | Updated 11:36 AM

Teen DJs at Siloso Beach Party 2014

Partygoers are getting ready to end the year with some fun, and one of the biggest parties in town is the Siloso Beach Party featuring international and Singapore acts.  

DJ Jenni-F | Photo: Sentosa

On stage will be two teenagers at the turntables, both 17: DJ Charlotte from Singapore, who started spinning at the age of 12 and playing at gigs in various clubs by 13, and Malaysian-born DJ Jenni-F, who won the Detour Asia DJ Mixtape Competition and Amateur DJ Competition.

InSing finds out more about the young talents over email interviews.

What drew you to be a DJ?

DJ Charlotte: I really enjoyed music from a young age. At age 12, I picked up the skills and at 13, I got recognised and from there I was given so many opportunities such as gigs at Zirca, Supperclub, TAB, and Chateaux.

DJ Jenni-F: I started my very own musical journey at a very young age. I learned several musical instruments when I was growing up and had a strong leaning towards rhythm and beats. That is what makes me feel happy and creative.

When I first hung around a club with my friends, what caught my eyes weren’t the surroundings but the DJs – the way they controlled the flow of the crowd. At that time, it hit me that this was “something different and I should do that!” and that’s how everything started.

It was in 2013 when I won a DJ competition. When I was crowned champion, I knew right then that I was recognised and accepted by the public. No words could describe how happy I was then, but at the same time, I felt that it was not the end. This was just the beginning of my journey; a journey into sound, the path of a professional DJ.

What’s your greatest challenge as a young female DJ?

DJ Charlotte: There have been instances where I’ve been pushed around by older male DJs, but honestly, I feel that it’s good to be in a male-dominated industry. I can prove that girls can be DJs and do it just as well as the guys. Also, I’ve had a lot of support from my dad over the years, so that helps.

DJ Jenni-F: Of course, the most important aspects in this competitive field are the experiences and challenges. I’ve always set a target for myself to practise until I develop and master my own style.

Many have the perception that female DJs are always sell-outs because of their pretty faces, and the hardest part for me was breaking this perception.

How do you differentiate yourself from the other DJs?

DJ Charlotte: I play a lot of floor-filling progressive house mash-ups with mainstream stuff.

What do you like most about playing at big parties?

DJ Charlotte: My craziest and most memorable experience has got to be at the Siloso Beach Party last year where I did the opening set at the Foam Pool stage. It was an hour into my set and the crowd was going crazy. Everyone was so excited and dancing, that one of platforms right in front of me broke.

As bad as it may sound, I honestly felt really happy that everyone was having a great time dancing to my performance.

DJ Jenni-F: The best thing about being a DJ is that you are the “Queen Elsa” in the club. The crowd is cheering and all eyes are on you. That is the best feeling ever.

All this while, my performances have been done in constrained spaces and closed dome clubs. I’ve never had a chance to perform at an outdoor gig, but I am sure it will be awesome. Just imagine thousands of people cheering; I won’t be able to contain my excitement. And I hope my music and performance will give partygoers an entirely new feeling and a blood-pumping, heart-thumping party.