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TGIF!: Your weekend guide (10-12 Jan)

By Anjali RaguramanEvents - 10 January 2014 3:42 PM | Updated 3:42 PM

TGIF!: Your weekend guide (10-12 Jan)

The M1 Singapore Fringe Festival begins this week. In its 10th year, theatre-goers will have access to the multi-disciplinary arts festival with tickets priced as low as $19. One of the highlights is a Portugese play by Tiago Rodrigues from MundoPerfeito. ‘Three Fingers Below the Knee’ is based on actual events dug up from the Portugese national archives, and explores ideas of censorship in theatre and the limits of artistic freedom- certainly thought-provoking.

Curated by post-rockers The Observatory (who will be playing at Laneway Festival later this month), ‘Playfreely’ is a three-day mini music festival with both ticketed and free events. With musicians from both Singapore and around the world, there will be panel discussions, DJ sets and musicians from various backgrounds collaborating in what the organisers call ‘experimenting in spontaneous group composition’. More details here.



Keeping in the musical vein of things, there will also be the NAC-ExxonMobil Concert in the Park on Saturday. Held at the Botanic Gardens, you’ll be able to catch The Goodfellas and their feel-good pop-rock tunes, alongside vocal acapella groups MICApella and Key Elements (whom we spoke to last year).  And oh, the event is free! Don’t forget to bring your picnic basket and mats while you’re at it.

American-born House music legend Robert Owens, who began singing gospel, hits up Club Kyo tonight.  Representing the classic era of house, it will be an education of sorts tonight. Expect some live singing too. Event details here.

Check out Robert Owen's DJ set from the famous Boiler Room series 

Drum’n’ bass originator Goldie (AKA Clifford Joseph Price) will be playing at Home Club’s regular +65 DnB nights this Saturday. The man, who has earned the ‘King of Jungle’ moniker, will be here for one night only. More details here.

Heard at drum 'n' bass nights across the world, Goldie’s ‘Inner City Life’

There's also an art exhibition, evoking the nostalgic and exploring the relationship between people and inanimate objects, by Singaporean Dawn Ng. Titled 'WINDOWSHOP-A modern day cabinet of curiousities', the collection contains thousands of ordinary objects hand-picked from junk stores, homes and shops, displayed with a sense of sentimentality for the past. The exhibition currently runs at Chan Hampe Galleries in Raffles Hotel. More details here

You might have noticed her work,'Perfect Day', while having a drink at Loof


For more ideas on more things to do this weekend, don’t forget to check out our comprehensive events calendar. Have a great weekend and see you back here next week.