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TGIF!: Your weekend guide (13-15 Sep)

By Kevin HoEvents - 12 September 2013 5:52 PM | Updated 2:04 PM

TGIF!: Your weekend guide (13-15 Sep)

Put away your black cat radars and mountain of rabbit feet, not every Friday the 13th means the end of the world. So don’t worry about your luck running dry this weekend, we’ve got some events lined up for you to chase those qualms away.  Aren’t you just lucky to have us around?

So we’ll start by asking one important question, Do Gorillas Peel Bananas? If you’re wondering what we’re getting at, peel away your inertia and slip down to The Substation for this open-call performance consisting of choreography, spoken dialogue, contact improvisation, and some violence to fruit.  Anything can happen here, so you can either make your own story, or simply monkey see monkey do.

So how do you chop your banana? Express yourself at The Substation: Performance Open Call 2013: Do Gorillas Peel Bananas

And while we have animals on our mind, show some love for your furry friends as SPCA celebrates World Animal Day 2013. There’ll be pet talent contests looking for the best groomed cat, the happiest dog, and even the most number of commands executed in two minutes. Or if you’re a new pet-owner, grab some tips at their several booths and demonstrations. But if you’re missing out on all the fun and think your family’s ready for a new member, give a pet a home through their adoption drive!

Expect pinks and sparkles galore at Barbie Live!


Here’s another event that your kids will enjoy, especially if you’ve daughters who love to play with their dolls. The ultimate doll fantasy comes to life, take them for a pink and sparkly adventure with Barbie Live! A multimillion dollar song and dance production featuring a real-life Barbie, Ken, and all of their friends, this is one show that will make your girls love you more.

If you’re looking for more family bonding opportunities, and with a little cultural lesson thrown in the mix, then usher in the Mid-Autumn Festival at Moonfest 2013. An annual Chinese arts festival held at The Esplanade, soak in the atmosphere with Chinese opera, guzheng recitals, puppetry shows, and parent-child workshops for lantern-making and Chinese drumming. Remember to top it off with a mooncake feast!Click here to find out where to buy the best mooncakes in Singapore.

Talk about tradition, here’s one nostalgic act that will surely appeal to our older readers. Popular in the 1960s as Singapore’s most famous pop group,The Quests were an iconic guitar band that your grandmas probably had the hots for. With breakthrough hits like ‘Shanty’ and ‘Gallopin’’ that rivaled even The Beatles on local radio charts, The Quests were successful not only in Singapore, but elsewhere in the region.  So catch them while you still can, this is one reunion show you can’t afford to miss.

Say hello (or welcome back) to Singapore's Beatles and their breakthrough hit 'Shanty'

But if you’re a reader of the younger generation, and if you really love your K-Pop, this is one scrum you’ll be dying to squeeze into. In promotion of the regional K-Pop talent search show Scoot: K-Pop Star Hunt 3, catch CN Blue’s Lee Jung Shinlive in person for the Singapore leg of the auditions. You may not get the whole band, but we bet you won’t be complaining once this good-looker struts his stuff on stage.

Isn't CN Blue's Lee Jung Shin dreamy? Yes he knows it too

Tanjong Beach Club’s full moon party is back, so prep those beach bods and get your booze on at Full Steam Ahead. Happening only three times a year, the 12-hour party extravaganza features nine DJs, flashing lasers, fire twirlers, BBQs, live percussion and much more. Yes you will go home with sand in your shoes, and probably in your swimsuits too, but you’ll certainly bring back plenty of magical memories too, if you can remember them the next morning that is.

But if you prefer to keep your partying indoors (and with more clothes on), then swing into Zouk for Designer Drugs. From electro-house to trance to dubstep, the world-famous duo has designed this to be one frenzied evening of EDM goodness. Fresh off an extensive European tour and a nearby stop in Bangkok, we’ve waited long enough for them to finally return to our shores.  

For more ideas on more things to do this weekend, don’t forget to check out our comprehensive events calendar. Have a great weekend everyone and see you back here next week.