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TGIF!: Your weekend guide (16-18 Aug)

By Kevin HoEvents - 15 August 2013 5:52 PM | Updated 10:48 AM

TGIF!: Your weekend guide (16-18 Aug)

Yes welcome back to reality. We feel you if you’ve been struggling to get back to the daily grind after last week’s long holiday. But don’t beat yourself up about it, because you can be sure that the weekend’s always around the corner. So if you’re not quite rejuvenated yet, catch a breather in life with these weekend picks. Deep breaths everyone!

But if you’re tired of holding it all in, then make some noise at Noise Singapore’s Music Mentorship Concerts. Over the weekend, a fresh-faced bunch of musicians will be making themselves heard with showcases at The Esplanade, a platform for them to flourish and for you to discover new local music. From singer-songwriters like Samantha Casey Rui and Irwin Zephyr, to bands like Stopgap and Sapporo Safaris, catch an earworm and show some love for home-grown talent.

Another waterhole where music lovers can quench their thirst for a local taste of music is Hood Bar and Café’s Original Sessions 2nd Anniversary Bash. But no mentorships here, this is where the big boys (and girls) come out to play. With veteran musicians like In Each Hand A Cutlass, Ugly In The Morning, Jack & Rai and Nicholas Chim, you’ll won’t find yourself doubting how established our music scene really is.  Beer, kebabs, and music, what more could you ask for?

Is Gleek a word that’s Greek to you? If it isn’t, or if you’re simply a fan of harmonies and a capella, then brighten your day with B-Dazzled! Singapore Show Choir Festival 2013. Show choir, a performance art popularized by television dramas like Glee, adds a contemporary twist to choral music which commonly faces the misconception of being too serious. Beat-boxing, scatting, syncopated rhythms and powerhouse voices, these are all merely tools of the trade for these innovative show choristers.


But if all you want to do is get blissfully intoxicated and strut your stuff on the dance floor, then let Moguaishow you the way. Not to be confused with the Scottish post-rock outfit Mogwai, Moguai (with a ‘u’) is one of Germany’s most respected EDM artistes. He is no stranger to the techno, house, and electro scenes, with a repertoire spanning almost two decades. And with two albums released under deadmau5’s record label, you know Moguai’s been keeping busy on top of the trends.  

Though there are always those who prefer to rewind the trends and execute art in its original form. And for these DJs at Wax On Wax Off – 4 The Record, that means no MP3s, no computers, and no CDJs (digital turntables), just the good ol’ vinyl record. The craft is more sophisticated, the dexterity more pertinent, and the sound so organically pure. Find yourself convinced with the deck savviness of Cherry Chan and Kiat from Syndicate, Zul (Subvert HQ), and Kurt CTDK.

While vinyls make timeless collectibles, you might find yourself getting delightfully lost in a world of trinkets and relics atFor Flea Sake: Firestation Family Flea. Uniquely located at the iconic Old Bukit Timah Firestation, the 30-booth flea aims not only to be an event for avid shoppers, but also one for the whole family with bouncy castles and snack finds. We’re especially inspired by the market’s pets adoption drive, where you may end up going home with a new addition to the family!

Shopping adventures not burning enough calories for you? Then start warming up, say goodbye to a plain white tee you’ll never use again, and get messy at The Color Run Singapore. More than just communal exercise, the global event promises to be a visual treat for athlete and spectator alike. Over a five kilometre race, participants are ceremoniously splashed with bursts of colour every kilometre, reaching the finishing line as a glorious mosaic of hues and shades.

Chestnuts 6.9

We know we just celebrated our nation’s birthday, but it’s always humorous to poke fun at our own culture. And no show does it best like Chestnuts 6.9: The Less Miserable White Paper, Singapore’s pioneer parody group. Expect puns aimed at our peculiar climate and political fiascos, with hilarious improvisations of well-known musicals and entertainment figures. Find out more with our interview here.

For more ideas on more things to do this weekend, don’t forget to check out our comprehensive events calendar. Have a great weekend everyone and see you back here next week.