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TGIF!: Your weekend guide (21-23 Jun)

By Kevin HoEvents - 20 June 2013 6:26 PM | Updated 3:40 PM

TGIF!: Your weekend guide (21-23 Jun)

Who would’ve expected this week to turn out the way it did eh? Sure the haze problem has always been somewhat persistent, but ever since it started hitting record-breaking PSI levels of over 300, we’ve had to suffer a week of scurrying for masks and staying in during lunch hours struggling to find haze-operational food delivery services. So as the weekend finally approaches we say enough with that! While there’s nothing we can do about the haze, we can meanwhile tell you how to make your gloomy days a little brighter with these exciting weekend picks, with your health and safety in mind of course.

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Shabazz Palaces

If you’re the kind of person who requires music when you work, then we say it’s time to take the solo dance party out of the office (or wherever you’ve taken refuge in) and into the clubs. We’ve picked two top-notch parties that you can’t afford to miss. On one hand you’ve got the latest installment of Good Vibes at The Butter Factory, a classy collaboration between FASH and Good Times, featuring special guests MING who’s graciously opened for Scuba and Mount Kimbie, and NEZ whose drum & bass tricks have closed for Goldie and S.P.Y. On the other hand you’ve got Seattle based hip-hop duo Shabazz Palaces at Home Club who promises to pamper you with some royal partying treatment with their blend of jazz, RnB and electronica sounds. Not to mention, they’re both indoors! No intoxication by haze here.

But if you prefer a musical experience that’s more intimate, then float down to The Esplanade Recital Studio for Strange Place to Meet: An Anthology, the debut EP launch of Singaporean experimental artiste Esther Lowless. The event marks the finale and climax of her six-chapter journey of music and film, which showcases original compositions inspired by the likes of Massive Attack and Russian Circles, and visual accompaniments by Wu Jun Han who has previously worked with other Singaporean bands B-Quartet and The Observatory. If you haven’t met the melancholy magic that is Esther Lowless yet, here’s your chance! Nothing strange about this pick of ours that’s for sure.

You may think you’re having a miserable day with this wretched weather and all, but wait till you hear the life stories and emotional tragedies of these characters in Just A Bad Day by AWARE. An interactive performance put together by theatre practitioner Li Xie at The Substation Theatre, these are characters that aren’t characters of fiction, but are really just your average members in our seemingly ordinary society. Three women with different scenarios filled with hostility and futility; hear what they have to trudge through and how they cope with their hidden vulnerabilities, and give yourself perhaps a new perspective on your own life. Trust them, life could be a lot worse.

If you took our advice and decided to pay The Esplanade a visit, then do drop by the Theatre Studio to feast your senses on a performance installation titled Cloud, which certainly promises to be less of a haze and more of a refreshing breeze. Built entirely from memory, it is an experimental work which captures the choreographed movements that naturally flow from geometric patterns in our everyday world, using a myriad of stage bodies, kinetic objects, and video visualisations. This’ll certainly reveal things we never previously noticed in the things around us, and definitely a breath of fresh air in our current suffocating surroundings.

Tired of using your brooms and trashcans for disposing all of the invading dust? Then witness these everyday items along with kitchen sinks, plastic bags, and Zippo lighters as they’re used in a rhythmic manner that we can only describe as explosively exciting. Of course we’re talking about the one and only STOMPthat’s set to stir up an exhilarating cacophony of synchronized noise and innovative percussion. Inspiring people all over the world to tap their trinkets, clatter their cups and smash their chandeliers (don’t try this at home, really), come find out why this Broadway/West End production has been going strong for the last 22 years.

Of course if all these ideas still don’t convince you to leave the safety of indoors (we wouldn’t blame you), then stay in you shall! And there’s absolutely nothing wrong as long as you’ve got the right company and the right entertainment to keep your senses engaged and the smokies away. Have that daunting movie marathon you’ve never had the time to accomplish, or cook up that culinary storm in the kitchen and try to uncover Grandma’s secret ingredient with the rest of the family. With our list of haze-free activities to do indoors, you’ll never have a dull stay-in ever again!

For more ideas on more things to do this weekend, don’t forget to check out our comprehensive events calendar. Have a great weekend everyone and see you back here next week.