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TGIF!: Your weekend guide (28-30 Jun)

By Kevin HoEvents - 26 June 2013 4:26 PM | Updated 27 June 2013

TGIF!: Your weekend guide (28-30 Jun)

It’s out of the smoggy gloom and into the new horizon! As the haze has seemed to clear for now (fingers crossed), even our weather’s been finding reason to celebrate lately with invigorating thunderstorms and magical hailstones falling from the sky. While all this is certainly a welcome change, we sure hope the rainclouds let up this weekend so you may go frolicking outside mask-free and not smelling like a barbeque for once. So get ready to step out of your houses, offices, and caves, here’re some weekend selections for you to let your hair and lungs loose. Have a whiff, isn’t that clear air just lovely?

If all that staying indoors has turned you into a YouTube addict, then perhaps names like Tanner Patrick, Madilyn Bailey, and Nate Tao will ring a bell. Making names for themselves along the digital road to fame, these online musicians have melted hearts and inspired bedroom artistes with their renditions of radio favourites and their own original tunes. And now here’s your opportunity to meet these Internet superstars in the flesh at Under the Stars – The YouTube Sensations. The lineup also features regional talents who have gone viral in similar a buzz, such as Zendee from Philippines, The 38 Years Ago from Thailand, and Singapore’s very own The Sam Willows.

And to keep the music going, don’t forget to check out the annual alternative music festival grandly known as Baybeats. With over 30 bands from all around the region, you’ll definitely hear some new exciting sounds at this 3-day showcase at The Esplanade. Variety is always rich and surprises are abundant in this festival which boasts an assortment of genres including indie, rock ‘n’ roll, post-rock, and hardcore, just to name a few. Read our full preview guide for this event here. For many aspiring artistes and music fans alike, Baybeats is where dreams begin and come true.

Catch These Brittle Bones (SG) at Baybeats 2013

Taking a break from music, if you took our advice last week and did these indoor family activities, now you and the family can take a meaningful trip outdoors to the Family Day Out Carnival. Hosted by radio DJs The Flying Dutchman and Lim Pei Fen at Marina Bay Waterfront Promenade, the full-day event promises a diversity of activities for the whole family. Help your kids scale a specially designed rock wall, or show your family superiority and dominate in Family Laser Tag, or just take a relaxing sun-soaking cruise on a sail boat. There’s even a Bond in 60-second Family Challenge that would quickly break the ice in the most awkward of parent-child relationships. So don’t be shy to show some loving.

If the haze smoked all your clothes and turned them into dingy rags, don’t mope! Here’s your excuse to go shopping at Blogshop Festival 2013. Perhaps online shopping was another daily pastime of yours while you were stuck hiding from the filthy outdoors. So if these blog shops helped in giving you some solace (and some new clothes of course) over the past week, head on down to St. James Powerhouse where over 150 blog shop vendors will be gathered to display more of their unique goods just for you. With likely exception to your wallet, carry light because you’ll never know what treasures you might find at this colourful flea bazaar.

So once you’ve got your cray on with your new swag, you’re good to go for catching K-Pop superstar G-Dragon live in concert. The BIG BANG leader will be swinging by Singapore as part of his first ever world tour, a show which will come complete with interactive stages, LED screens and pyrotechnics, and of course those K-Pop hits which you love to sing and dance along to. And as if this piece of news wasn’t thrilling enough, G-Dragon will be opened by special guests, and fellow K-Pop stars in their own right, 2NE1. This show is definitely going to go off with a bang.

G-Dragon with hit single 'Crayon'

And if all that head-bopping and arm-flailing isn’t enough for you, we’ve got three of the finest club parties picked out for you. For a delightfully dizzying dose of nostalgic trance, slip your senses into Rave-O-Lution featuring DJ Andrew T (AOS) and Aircrew DJs at The Butter Factory. But if you’re feeling more like having a fix of indie/alternative goodness, then float on down to Zouk where the DJs of Poptartwill make you dance the night away till your feet get sore. And for a more homely partying vibe, there’re always the comforts and craziness of Home Club’s Portraiture Project (and After Party) which will feature an all-star lineup of local DJs, Darren Dubwise (Syndicate), Gerald Ang (Tru:Spirit), Kurt (CTDK) and Ming.

Lastly, there is surely no greater form of expression than the expression of love, and such a right should always be protected with utmost freedom in mind. Everyone’s free to love whoever he or she chooses, straight or gay, and that is exactly what Pink Dot strives to bring home to families and communities all over the island. Every year since 2009, Hong Lim Park transforms from a field of green into a glowing sea of pink, a gathering of Singaporeans that has exponentially expanded in support of the freedom to love. So if you wish to show your support, you know where the love will be.

Scenes from Pink Dot 2012

For more ideas on more things to do this weekend, don’t forget to check out our comprehensive events calendar. Have a great weekend everyone and see you back here next week.