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TGIF!: Your weekend guide (6-8 Sep)

By Kevin HoEvents - 05 September 2013 3:34 PM | Updated 06 September 2013

TGIF!: Your weekend guide (6-8 Sep)

From one weekend to another, we’ve now moved from night festivals and comic conventions to mid-autumn festivals and yoga raves. Singapore’s really got lots of special surprises as long as you know where to look. Fortunately we do, so take our advice and treat yourselves to this weekend’s picks.

So let’s start our guide with a bang, made up of popping firecrackers and crashing cymbals no less! Head down to Chinatown for the Mid-Autumn Festival 2013 Official Light-Up and Opening Ceremony, and be blown away by festive lights, dragon dance performances, and a fireworks finale.  Whether you’re Chinese or not, a celebration like this rings universally. Though you might want to bring some earplugs for this one.

The streets come alive with lanterns during the Mid-Autumn Festival

But if your ears do like it loud, and if you badly require some therapeutic dancing, then let the night carry you to Zouk for Code: London with Hong and Lincey. A fresh series that themes its evenings on iconic cities of the world, Code now takes you from New York to London, with purely British tunes that would make any bulldog and Beefeater get their boogie on. Get ready for some UK-flavoured anarchy on the dancefloor.

Now here’s a clubbing event with a twist, literally. Flex those joints and stretch those limbs, and say Namaste to Tanjong Beach Club’s Yoga Rave Party. Combining yoga and music, the 75-minute Vinyasayoga class will infuse the spiritual exercise with live progressive lounge music, a perfect pairing that would turn any wound-up grump into the calmest person on earth. Throw some soothing waves and golden sunset into the picture and you’re all set to have your troubles melt away.  

'Kurmavatara' - an award-winning Indian film touching on Gandhian Values


Much like yoga’s deep roots in India, there is also a rich film culture that’s flourished from there, and no we’re not just talking about Bollywood. Celebrating 100 Years of Indian Cinema! is a weekend long showcase of contemplative Indian films addressing issues like sex education (‘Balak Palak’), global warming (‘My Best Friend’), caste discrimination (‘Papillio Buddha’), and Gandhian Values (‘Kurmavatara’). You might not learn any new dance moves, but you’ll certainly learn a meaningful lesson or two.

Since we’re in the mood of tracing history, let’s now move on to fashion with Agnes b. Presents The Snap Cardigan Photo Exhibition. A timeless fashion piece created in 1979, the signature snap cardigan remains an influential icon of style and comfort. The photo exhibition will showcase 80 photographs featuring the renowned garment, spanning over two decades of history and including new works from local and regional artists such as filmmaker Royston Tan, photographer Leslie Kee, and actress-singer Karena Lam.

80 photographs featuring the signature snap cardigan will be showcased

Layering up with cardigans is always fun, but sometimes all we want to do is strip down to our swimsuits and ride the waves. And at Wakefest Singapore 2013, you can watch the pros work their magic. An extreme watersport that’s developed from surfing and waterskiing, with influences from skateboarding and snowboarding, wakeboarding combines delicate balance on water with sky-cutting aerial stunts. With participants from all over the region including Japan and Korea, come down and support your favourite!

And lastly from the lagoon to the beach, bring your laughter (and some spare change) down to Sentosa for the Sentosa Buskers Festival. Featuring buskers from all over the world including contortionist duo Duoh! Lala! (Germany), street clown Tuto Tul (Argentina) and musical comedy act Titan the Robot (UK), as well as local talents such as balloon sculptor Lightning Fingers and magic extraordinaire The Amazing Alexander, this is one experience that will tickle your imagination and leave you spellbound.

Titan the Robot, amongst many other street acts at the Sentosa Buskers Festival

For more ideas on more things to do this weekend, don’t forget to check out our comprehensive events calendar. Have a great weekend everyone and see you back here next week.