The Beast has risen

By Denise LiMovies - 30 June 2010 4:00 PM | Updated 4:18 PM

The Beast has risen

They are the hottest new boy group to emerge from the Korean music scene, but don’t mistake Beast for being just six singing and dancing pretty faces. Although they are barely out of their teens, more than half of them were already making waves in the entertainment scene with respective solo careers. Their collective talents include beat boxing, lyric-writing, rapping and playing the piano.

They are a young group, having been around for only eight months, but they’re only just getting started. The band received the ‘Rookie Music Award’ from the Korea Creative Content Agency right after releasing their first mini album.

And now their star is set to rise even further within the region. Their newest mini album, ‘Shock of the New Era’ was certified gold within 24 hours of its release in Singapore.


How do you feel about being in Singapore?

It’s our first time here and naturally we’re feeling a little nervous. We’ve always wanted to come here and now that dream is fulfilled.


How did you prepare yourself for the Asian market outside of Korea?

We just spent a lot of time rehearsing and practicing day and night! We are very excited about meeting our foreign fans.


What was the experience of meeting your Singapore fans like?

We first met our fans when we landed here in Changi Airport and later at the Hi-5 session at IMM Shopping Mall, and one thing we can say about our Singaporean fans is that they are just like the weather in Singapore – warm!


How do you feel about your album ‘Shock of the New Era’ being certified gold here in Singapore?

We are very happy! We consider achieving such success in an overseas market to be a huge bonus and it spurs us on to work even harder than we already are to put out even better songs and performances.


Can you share with us about what rehearsals are like?

Each rehearsal is a really good workout! Many of us have sustained an injury of some sort but it’s all worth it in the end when we see the results.


You guys are considered fashion icons in your own right. What would you say is your signature style?

We like wearing casual clothes, and most importantly, they must be comfortable to dance and move around in.


You’ve only been together for eight months. What are your hopes and dreams for the group?

We wish to get to know our fans a lot better and to be able to get closer to them.


You guys were recently involved in a half-naked photoshoot. Are you guys generally happy with how your bodies look?

Yes, we are, but Gi Kwang definitely has the best body among all of us!


Do Jun, what is the most challenging part of being the leader of the group?

I have to make sure that everyone gets along and that we all understand each other. I want everyone to be happy, and I think that we’ve all bonded over our mutual love for performing.


Why did you think you’re so popular outside of Korea?

What makes us different is that each and every one of us has a unique and individual personality that shines through in what we do. But we are all still very surprised at our popularity outside of Korea.