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The best classes for pre-schoolers

By Tan Qiu LeiEvents - 05 November 2009 3:25 PM | Updated 20 July 2010

The best classes for pre-schoolers

Kids between the age of three and five are like little scientists - they're always inquisitive, exploring and experimenting with anything in sight. Workshops and classes that incorporate games and exercises can not only satisfy their curiosity, they can also help prepare your precious tots for a lifetime of learning. 

Early literacy

When your child colours, draws or scribbles, he's actually developing early writing skills. Bring your kid to workshops that combine reading and writing to encourage him to correctly develop and enhance those skills.
Communication is key

Speaking out can be tough, even for adults. Help your child develop an affair with words and language by attending workshops that explore verbal skills and build your child's vocabulary. At the same time, words and sounds help preschoolers read better. Look out for workshops that make use of music, books and education television to create an engaging environment to aid the development of your kid's reading abilities and encourage his love for books.

There are many ways to get children to express themselves in words. A sports class focuses on teamwork, which is impossible without communication. By enrolling him in such classes, you'll also encourage his interest in fitness and instill discipline, concentration and respect.

Drama workshops allow your child to express his ideas, speak out loud and articulate speech sounds, promoting better communication skills.

Grow a healthy body and mind

Topics like food nutrition, physical activity and personal hygiene are explored in some workshops through fun and interactive programmes to help nurture healthy habits in your child throughout his growing stage.

Safety is usually at the back of a preschooler's mind. Attend workshops on health and safety issues to ensure he develops an increased awareness of what's safe to consume or play.

Let's get along

Kids often like to cut a clear line between friends and enemies (remember the classic statement "I don't friend you anymore" that's so commonly used in kindergartens and early primary schools?). Discourage that notion by bringing your child to workshops that teach preschoolers how to develop social skills and get along with their classmates through role-play and education television.

Here's a few classes your pre-schooler will enjoy and learn from.

KinderGolf trial classes
Learn the basic golfing techniques in this fun 45-minute session by a professional coach. If your child enjoys his trial, he can even participate in golf competitions that are also organised by KinderGolf!
Date: On-going, on Saturdays and Sundays
Time: (Saturdays) 6pm to 6.45pm / (Sundays) 2pm to 2.45pm
Venue: #03-17 Great World City Shopping Mall
Price: $40 per session
To register, call 6341 9270.

Mathematics the Children's Way
Let your child have fun with calculations in this fun environment that's specially created to teach the fundamental concepts of mathematics.
Date and time: To be advised (two semesters of one-hour 20 sessions each per year)
Venue: #02-46 Chancery Court
Price: $430.50 per semester
To find out more about the timetable of the weekly classes and register, call 6251 1300 or email

Junior Creative Dance
This dance course helps your child develop co-ordination skills and a sense of rhythm and musicality.
Date and time: To be advised (two semesters of 45-minute session each year)
Venue: NAFA Campus, 80 Bencoolen Street
Price: $256.80 per semester
Registration for the next intake in January 2010 starts in November.
To register, call 6512 4220 or email

Art Q Workshop Series
This intimate and fun workshop encourages kids to learn about basic art elements such as colours, patterns, lines, dots and shapes.
Date: On-going on Fridays and Saturdays
Time: (Fridays) 2pm and 4pm / (Saturdays) 10am, 11am, 12 noon and 1pm
Price: $40 per lesson or $330 for 10 lessons
Venue: ArtQ at 8Q Singapore Art Museum
To register or to find out more, email or visit

Learn a New Sport
Enroll our future sports star in this sports programme that exposes kids to various sports such as golf, tennis, soccer, netball and basketball.
Date: On-going on Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays.
Time: (Fridays) 3pm / (Saturdays) 11am and 5pm / (Sundays) 9am
Price: From $40 per session to $560 for a 20-week package (one session per week)
Venue: Shaws Little League @ The Cage, 38 Jalan Benaan Kapal
To register or find out more, call 6440 9545 or email