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The Best of Universal Studios

By Ninart LuiEvents - 18 March 2010 6:00 PM | Updated 22 February 2011

The Best of Universal Studios

You’ve probably seen and heard of the two poster boys of Universal Studios – dueling coasters Battlestar Galactica and the dreamy fairytale Shrek castle of Far Far Away.

While these two are spectacular, Universal Studios offers so much more in terms of attractions and ambiance. So get your tickets, plan your day carefully and enjoy all the thrills and spills of Singapore’s largest attraction.

Here are our picks of what you absolutely can’t miss, whether you’re a thrill-seeker, a movie buff or enjoying some fun with the family.

For the adrenaline junkie, our top 3 recommendations are, in order:

1. Battlestar Galactica

    This is a no-brainer, as anyone who’s been keeping up with Universal Studios developments can attest to. Possibly one of the most-hyped rides of the park, it features 2 duelling coasters – Cyclon (blue) and Human (red). Both rides commence together, accelerate and diverge, only to converge again at different points - giving riders the impression of fighting an inter-galactic battle of bad versus evil based on the hit TV series Battlestar Galactica.

    While the suspended coaster Cyclon wields more intense thrills and spills with crazy corkscrews and cobra rolls, Human is also unmissable with the seated coaster twisting, turning and propelling you over 14 storeys into the air.

    Overcome your fears and experience the coasters at least once, it’s well worth the admission price alone. (Height requirement: 125cm and above)




    2. Revenge of the Mummy

      Best described as an amalgamation of the Indiana Jones and Space Mountain rides in Disneyland, Revenge of the Mummy is an indoor roller coaster that allows you to confront psychotic warrior mummies as you take your dips and plunges in total darkness. Very atmospheric, and the extra special effects add depth to the ride. (Height limit: 122cm and above)



      3. Jurassic Park Rapids Adventure

        A twist on the conventional log ride, Jurassic Park Rapids Adventure allows you to travel through primeval dinosaur habitats through fast-flowing, swirling rapids, while seated in a circular raft. How much fun you get out of this ride really depends on the luck of the draw.

        Passengers seated on half of the raft get splashed, which is amusing, others seated on the other half get engulfed by water – not so amusing. Ponchos are provided, but at a price. (Height limit: 107cm and above, children under 122cm must be accompanied by a supervising companion)


         For the young ones, don’t miss these top 3 attractions:


        1.  Canoply Flyer

          Get a relaxing bird’s eye view of Jurassic Park as you embark on this aerial tour of the area. For the more adventurous, try this ride backwards as it adds an unexpected element to the ride. (Height requirement: 92cm and above, children under 122cm must be accompanied by a supervising companion)


          2.  Enchanted Airways

            For tiny tots who are eager to experience the dips and turns of a rollercoaster, but are not tall enough for the more mature attractions in the park, there’s the Enchanted Airways.  

            They can cut their teeth on Shrek’s very own ride, which will bring them for a flight over Far Far Away and beyond. (Height requirement: 92cm and above, children under 122cm must be accompanied by a supervising companion) 


            3.  Madagascar: A Crate Adventure (coming soon)

              It’s not even open yet, but we’re excited already. Float down a jungle river in a boat with entertaining guides Alex, Marty, Melman and Gloria (the main characters from the hit movie). Be prepared for some surprises – don’t say we didn’t warn you! (Height requirement: 107cm and above, children under 122cm must be accompanied by a supervising companion)


              For movie fans, here’s our top 3 picks: 

              1. WaterWorld™

                An exact replica of the show in Universal Studios Florida (Albeit with Australian actors instead of American), this adaptation of the Kevin Costner movie is no less thrill-inducing.  Get ready to be wowed by death-defying feats, earsplitting explosions and all-round excitement as giant fireballs explode in the air – and that’s not even the finale.


                2. Lights, Camera, Action!™

                  Ever wondered how it’s like to experience the making of special effects up close? Experience a chapter of cinematic magic unfolding before your very eyes, as Steven Spielberg presents mindblowing effects which turns an empty sound stage into the setting for a major hurricane about to hit New York City. You’ll never look at movies the same way again.




                  3. Shrek 4-D Adventure 

                  No, this isn’t about our friendly ogre lucking out in the lottery. Embark on a daredevil adventure with Shrek and Donkey as they attempt to rescue Fiona from the diabolical clutches of Lord Farquad from beyond the grave. Trust me, even adults will love this – we know we did.




                  For all you food lovers, fuel up at these top 3 thematic restaurants:


                  1. Mel’s Drive-In™

                  Enjoy the experience of a full-on classic 1950’s drive-in diner that serves hearty all-American favorites like their famous rocket sauce burgers, fish and chicken sandwiches with a side of fries and washed down with a thick milkshake. Don’t miss the lineup of classic cars right outside.


                  2. Loui’s NY Pizza Parlor™


                  Lovers of pizza, you won’t want to miss this. This authentic-styled pizza parlor serves the full works, which includes a tantalizing array of traditional Italian pizzas and pastas. Try the Original NY Pizza Slice, which is probably the closest thing to Little Italy we’ve got in Singapore.


                  3. Oasis Spice Café ™

                  Yearning for something more exotic for your tastebuds? Come by this Egyptian-themed buffeteria serving Mediterrenean, Turkish, Lebanese and Indian specialties.

                  For a recap of the opening day of Universal Studios, read our feature here.If this has you all psyched up, read more on our comprehensive guideto Universal Studios.

                  Universal Studios Singapore is now open to the public. For full ticketing information, please visit


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