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The Formula for success

By EditorEvents - 22 September 2010 2:00 PM | Updated 11 September 2012

The Formula for success

The Scuderia Toro Rosso team gave us an exclusive behind the scenes look at exactly what goes into getting ready for a grand prix weekend.

It’d be ideal for most Formula One teams if they could carry everything they needed for a race in just one suitcase – unfortunately, the cars alone take up much more space than that. So imagine the logistics behind setting up everything the team needs for each and every race.

First in, according to Michela Fabbri, the Logistic Coordinator for Toro Rosso, are the hospitality guys. They’re the ones who ensure that there’s plenty of food and drinks for the rest of the team as they arrive. There’s no point having plenty of brute force around, if you can’t keep them fuelled.

Then the set-up guys take over. They’re the ones who sort through the containers that come in through sea freight, as well as multiple other shipments that come in through air freight from the previous race. It’s essential that everything is sorted and unpacked properly, so the garage is up and running and it’s less likely for there to be any problems with pit stops and getting the cars running well.   

Coming in through sea freight to the teams are over 18 containers and about 36 loose items (the ones that are too big to fit into boxes and such). They were packed up and shipped from Faenza factory in Italy on August 4, to reach Singapore just in time for this weekend’s race.  

Next up, the mechanics will come, followed by the engineers and drivers, then the team’s management arrives.


So take a look at day 1 of set-ups at the Formula One garages.


Pit lane markings - just so you know where you are

Toro Rosso cars covered up from prying eyes

Cargo containers lining up the pit lane

Taking a peek into the Ferrari garage

The Singapore GP Podium

The Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG F1 Safety Car


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