The Grid Girls go dancing (sometimes)!

By Alex FenbyEvents - 02 September 2010 9:58 AM | Updated 14 September 2010

The Grid Girls go dancing (sometimes)!

 Contrary to what you might think, most of the Grids Girls are not party animals. Still, you can find them with their dancing shoes on occasionally, most often at Zouk and Butter Factory.


Christina Loh

“I like Timbre as well as my father’s club which is Thai Disco 1 at Golden Mile Complex.  To be honest I don’t really club much, but I do like drinking beer!”


Shahnaz Nazimuddeen

“I usually go to 3 Monkeys bar because I really enjoy watching the Kumar Show. It is hilarious. If I’m in the mood to dance afterwards, I’ll head down to St James Power Station.”


Chanel Jones Lyn

“I must admit that I’ve only ever been to two clubs in my entire life - Zouk and Butter Factory. If I had to choose between the two, I’d say Butter Factory. But ultimately I think it is the company you are with that matters most!”

Channelle Yeo

Delphine Goh

Chistina Loh

Delphine Goh

“I’m not that interested in the whole clubbing thing. I much prefer simply chill-out places where I can easily communicate with my friends. Why go somewhere where you need to scream on the top of your voice in order to be heard?”


Channelle Yeo

“I prefer clubs with live bands and music, like Dragonfly at Saint James, Atlantis or Neverland.”


Kelly Arrow Tan

“I haven’t tried many clubs as I only started partying this year. But I do like Saint James Power Station. But here’s a warning to the guys! Don’t try getting me tipsy, I don’t like alcohol!”


Angeline Tang, Mabel Lau, Linda Sim, Felicia Teh