The Hot Seat: Go Full Circle with JNR & Ghetto

By Zaki JufriEvents - 21 April 2011 9:00 AM | Updated 11:36 AM

The Hot Seat: Go Full Circle with JNR & Ghetto

It’s a known fact that punters here are left in a state of limbo when it comes to Thursday nights. Hungover (well most) from Wednesday’s mid-week mayhem and a day away weekend’s festivities, there’s nothing much in terms of partying in between.

Fret no more, the good people at Zouk are bringing Thursdays nights back with a brand new weekly do where the nostalgic sounds of hip hop, funk and soul hold sway in an intimate setting.

Setting the night ablaze are none other than two of Zouk’s newest residents JNR and Ghetto, who will dig deep into their milk-crates to lay some music gold on the platter. It’ll be interesting to see two DJs with two contrasting styles—funky soulful house and tech for JNR while Ghetto goes gritty with hip hop, dubstep and electro. Also on the cards are the occasional guests such as Kevin Lester, Sheik Haikel and Mark Bonafide who previously swung by to rock the mic or drop some tunes. We chat with DJs JNR and Ghetto to fill us in on what we’ve been missing these Thursdays.


About Full Circle

It's a non-pretentious night of feel good music. Sure, we celebrate the golden era of hip hop, R&B, old school rap, funk, soul and even dance hall reggae, but it's all about having some mid-week fun partying to songs that remind us of the good old days.

Here’s a recent mix from DJ JNR: Velvet Soulful House - 2011 Anthem Forecast Mix by JNR-DuoTone


The Big Idea

We identified the need for a mid-week place for people to congregate and blow off some steam. We already have Mambo Jambo but we wanted to curate a night for people with a different palate for music. And we wanted to break the stigma that Thursdays don't work in Singapore. The music had to be nostalgic and the vibe needed to be cosy. Altogether, the night needed to be fun whether it was a small group of friends or a jam packed party. So we decided that we would use only the lounge area of Velvet Underground and bring a make-shift DJ booth into an upfront and personal location in the lounge. This makes the room much more inviting and lends a special atmosphere for Full Circle.

Playing Favourites

We each bring our own vibe to the mix. I've always been a fan of ‘90s urban music and old school so it's quite natural for me to play this music, as it is that of my generation. Ghetto brings a truck load of technical dexterity to the decks, a great sense of amplitude and a new school perspective to the repertoire of music. We mix it up. Sometimes we do split sets, sometimes we alternate each hour. We don't go back to back yet, but don't count that out. We are full of surprises…


Here’s a recent mix by DJ Ghetto: DUB A BUCK by DJGHETTOSG


The Party Lowdown

People can expect to be transported back in time through music. Be brought back to the days where Yo MTV Raps and Rap City was a staple in your TV schedule. To a time where you bought an album and each song on that album grew on you until they all were favourites. They can also expect to have a multi-sensory experience. Our in-house design team has put together some awesome vintage video clips that tie the whole night together. They can also expect to make new friends. We have a lot of regulars now who are quite welcoming, and with this new cosy layout of the club, the DJs are free to mingle with guests too.

Full Circle happens every Thursday at Velvet Underground, 17 Jiak Kim St., 6738-2988.