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The Killers finally swings in to Singapore for F1

By Cherylene ChanEvents - 13 March 2013 4:00 PM | Updated 4:29 PM

The Killers finally swings in to Singapore for F1

After breaking our hearts when they cancelled their highly anticipated debut here in 2010, The Killers will finally be making up for lost time this year.

We have to thank the F1 Grand Prix team for pulling in everyone’s favourite alternative rockers as one of the headlining acts for the annual Singapore GP night race. The band will be blazing onto the Padang stage after the qualifying rounds on 21 September.

Any of the three-day tickets will get you into the concert, so expect to squeeze and jostle amongst a massive turnout of fans.

What have they been up to in the time since their missed date? The band went into hiatus shortly after their visit here for the Day & Age tour was slated to take place, and three of the four members went on to explore their solo careers. Frontman Brandon Flowers released his first single, ‘Crossfire’, on his birthday three years ago and his solo album ‘Flamingo’ hit the top of the UK charts.

 Fast forward a year and The Killers reunited to perform in Lollapallooza – an experience that they enjoyed so much, that they got to work on their fourth album shortly after. Titled ‘Battle Born’, the 2012 release revisits corners of their past albums, with tracks like ‘Runaways’ mixing their touch of alt-country with explosive hooks and even dancier synths than before. As music magazine NME puts it in their review, it “marks the spot where The Killers discard ‘indie’ pretense and go for the arena-rock jugular”.

Aside from promoting their new tracks, the band will also be treating fans to their long list of hits that many probably know the words to, from breakout single ‘Somebody Told Me’ to the infectious anthem ‘All The Things That I’ve Done’. But no matter what surprises are on the set list, the Killers are worth seeing just for their buckets of stage presence, grand sound and Flowers’ endless energy and theatrics. Come early, you’ll definitely want to save a good spot.