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First Look: 'The Ring' & 'Ju-On' ghosts battle in 'Sadako Vs Kayako' trailer

By Zaki JufriMovies - 26 February 2016 8:00 AM | Updated 11:07 AM

First Look: 'The Ring' & 'Ju-On' ghosts battle in 'Sadako Vs Kayako' trailer

It’s the clash of the J-horror titans!

They are two of Japan's biggest horror icons.

And they are about to duke it out in the epic crossover ‘Sadako Vs Kayako’

Following in the footsteps of ‘Freddy vs Jason’ and 'Alien vs Predator', the world of ‘Ringu’ is about to meet its scary match that is ‘Ju-On’. 

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While plot details are still scarce, we know that Kôji Shiraishi (‘Grotesque’) is directing; while actress Mizuki Yamamoto is the unfortunate soul caught between the two iconic spirits Sadako and Kayako (and spooky child Toshio).

The ‘Ju-On’ and ‘Ring’ scares fest are among the most successful horror series in cinema, and have spawned Hollywood adaptations.

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Check out the announcement trailer below, and prepare to be scared. 

‘Sadako vs. Kayako’ opens in June 2016 in Japan. Cross your fingers that the movie will get a Singapore release.