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The River Safari Guide

By inSing.comEvents - 27 March 2013 9:40 AM | Updated 06 September 2014

The River Safari Guide

Get ready to experience some of the world’s most famous rivers as the Singapore Zoo’s River Safari opens its doors to the public on 3 April. Keep up with the buzz with’s River Safari guide that gives you the latest news and sneak peeks of the exhibit’s cuddly, majestic and fearsome new residents.


River Safari news and features

Kai Kai, the male panda on loan from China, is one of two giant pandas residing at the River Safari

Singapore’s River Safari opens to the public on 3 Apr

Attraction’s soft launch will feature the world’s largest freshwater aquarium

Kai Kai having a bamboo snack in the Giant Panda Forest (Photo: Shirly Hamra)

Panda exhibit opens, say hello to Kai Kai and Jia Jia

We meet the cuddly couple for the first time


First glance: Photo galleries