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The Sports of YOG – Alternative Sports

By EditorEvents - 21 July 2010 9:00 AM | Updated 16 September 2010

The Sports of YOG – Alternative Sports

Although they’re not quite your mainstream sports, they’re just as interesting to watch! Find out more about the archery, shooting and equestrian sports happening at the YOG.



Four events – the boy’s and girl’s Air Rifle and Air Pistol will be competed in at the YOG. Shots are fired at a ten-ring target, with higher scores awarded when a shot touches the line between two zones. The top eight proceed to the finals. In the finals, the ten rings on the target are sub-divided into 10 'decimal' score zones (10.0 to 10.9), the highest score for a shot being 10.9. The shooter with the highest total score based on the addition of the qualification and finals score is the winner.

Did you know? The maximum weight allowed for the air rifle can only be 5.5kg.



Going back to the days of pre-civilisation, archery has now become a permanent fixture in the Olympic Games. To be a good archer, you need to possess extreme physical and mental control, as well as be physically conditioned for strength and stamina. Of course, having sharp eyes and nerves of steel helps as well. Basically, archery is a sport involving the use of a bow and arrows, with the aim of scoring the most points by accurately shooting the arrow to the centre of the target. There are individual Junior Boys, Junior Girls and Mixed Team competitions.

Did you know? The distance between the archer and the target is 70m.





Working together with the horse, a rider must demonstrate feats of grace, agility and speed. There are seven disciplines recognized for competition, though only the jumping event will be contested at YOG, and the horses will be provided by the organizing committee. For the Team event, there will be six teams representing Africa, Asia, Australasia Europe, North America and South America.

Did you know? Equestrian is the only Olympic sport where men and women compete on equal terms.



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