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The Sports of YOG – Ball games

By EditorEvents - 23 July 2010 9:00 AM | Updated 16 September 2010

The Sports of YOG – Ball games

Ball games are just a small part of the 26 sports being competed during the YOG. Here’s what you should know about them!



Two teams, three players on court at any one time, half court, one basketball hoop. Those are the basics of Basketball 3 on 3, which is debuting for the first time as an Olympic Sport. This action-packed game includes three intensive periods of five minute each. The winner is declared when a team scores 33 points, or is leading the game after regulation game time is over.

As a first time Olympic sport, basketball 3 on 3 has two teams with three players each on court at any one time.

Did you know? The first basketball used was actually a soccer ball.



Fast-paced with plenty of contact, Handball involves two teams of seven players on the field at any one time. A game is made up of two 30-minute halves with a 10-minute half-time break. Players must pass, throw, roll, catch and dribble the ball with their hands while trying to score goals. The skill comes in being able to score from outside the restricted goal areas which players cannot enter, and also getting past the goalkeeper’s defence. The team with the most goals is the winner at the final whistle.

Did you know? Handball was introduced as a men’s sport in 1936. The women’s division only started in 1976.



Table Tennis

Played by either a single player or a pair, the aim is to score 11 points to win a game. The match is won when he or she wins the number of games – three out of five or four out of seven. At YOG, there will be two singles events (one for boys, one for girls) and one team event.

Did you know? A total of 2,880 table tennis balls will be used!





In a game of endurance, quick-wittedness and precise execution, tennis consists of a pre-determined number of sets, which consists of games. Each game is made up of points played with the same player serving. For the YOG, there will be the boys' singles, girls' singles, boys' doubles, and girls' doubles contested.

Did you know? 4,200 tennis balls will be used during the YOG!





With two teams of six players on court at any one time, volleyball is an indoor non-contact sport where the points are scored by grounding the ball on the other team’s court. Once the ball is served into play, a team can only touch the ball three times (but not including blocking) on its side of the net. Each game is played to 25 points, and the first to score 25 and be two points ahead is awarded the set. The winner is determined by the best of five sets, with the fifth set (if needed) played to 15 points.

Did you know? A volleyball court measures 18m long and 9m wide!




Badminton requires stamina, speed, agility and lighting-fast reflexes. As one of the fastest racket sports, a game is played either by singles or doubles. For YOG, only singles events will be contested, with each game played to 21 points and the match won when the best of three games is won.

Did you know? The flights of the shuttlecock can exceed speeds of up to 200km/h!



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