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The Sports of YOG – Star Events

By EditorEvents - 23 July 2010 9:00 AM | Updated 16 September 2010

The Sports of YOG – Star Events

These are the big events that everyone always flocks to watch, so here’s what else you need to know about the swimming and diving events, athletics and gymnastics at the YOG.


The aquatics section of YOG includes two sports – diving and swimming. Diving combines both artistry and athleticism as both men and women leap from the 3m springboards or the 10m platform.

Swimming, one of the most popular sports, includes freestyle, breaststroke, backstroke, butterfly and medley in both individual and team competitions. For the first time, there’s also going to be a mixed gender event – a 4x100m freestyle relay and a 4x100m medley relay.

Did you know? Divers often hit the water at a speed of about 55km/h!

Read our interview with star swimmer Amanda Lim here!



Athletics is all about running faster, jumping higher, throwing further and enduring long distances. The sprinting events include distances ranging from 50m to 400m, while the middle and long distance races range from 800m to 10km. There are also three hurdle events – the 100m, 110m and 400m. The field aspect of athletics are divided into two – the jumps and the throws. For YOG, jumps include the high jump, long jump and pole vault, while the throws include discus, javelin, short put and hammer throw. The Pentathlon is also under athletics. Find out more about thathere.

Did you know? In total, there will be 36 track and field events for both boys and girls!




One of the most graceful sports around, gymnastics often involves performing a sequence of movements, whether it’s on the floor, using an apparatus or up in the air. At the YOG, both artistic gymnastics and rhythmic gymnastics will be competed, where the gymnasts will need to show a high level of flexibility, agility and strength in order to win. 

The more common of the two is artistic gymnastics, which involves the uneven parallel bars, balance beam, floor exercise, trampoline and vault, for the girls. For the boys, the events are floor exercise, pommel horse, still rings, vault, parallel bars, trampoline and horizontal bar. Rhythmic gymnastics is competed as an individual and team events, where the gymnasts use one or two apparatus – rope, hoop, ball, clubs or ribbon.

Did you know? Before YOG, the youngest ever female medallist was Nadia Comaneci of Romania who was only 14 years and 252 days old when she took gold medals in three events at the 1976 Montreal Olympic Games.


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