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The Sports of YOG – Water Sports

By EditorEvents - 23 July 2010 9:00 AM | Updated 16 September 2010

The Sports of YOG – Water Sports

There’s more to water sports than just the swimming competitions, find out how else the athletes are conquering the water at the YOG!



There are two disciplines of the canoe-kayak event that are contested – the canoe sprint and the canoe slalom. The sprint consists of a straight 420m course, where the boys race in canoes and kayaks, where girls only race in kayaks. The slalom is competed on a calm water surface and athletes must demonstrate their skills by maneuvering around gates and competing for the best time.

Did you know? A sprint canoe weighs at least 16kg!



Over a straight course of 1000m, athletes (one or more, depending on the event), sit in a rowing boat, facing backwards and use oars or sculls to propel the back forward. Crews or individuals race each other on the same course for positions to move onto the finals. For YOG, four rowing events will be contested – the junior boy’s and girl’s single sculls and junior boy’s and girl’s pairs. A boat is declared the winner when its bow ball, attached to the tip of the boat, crosses the finish line first.

Did you know? Athletes row an average of about 40 to 47 strokes per minute, moving at a speed of up to 10 metres a second!




Harnessing the power of the wind to navigate through a specially marked course, sailing requires a combination of athleticism and skill. The sailing events comprises of boys and girls sailing in one of two disciplines – the one person dinghy or windsurfing.

Did you know? Sailing has been an official Olympic sport since 1900.

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