The Tans go Crazy for Christmas!

By EditorEvents - 09 November 2010 9:00 AM | Updated 24 November 2010

The Tans go Crazy for Christmas!

Ho ho ho! Christmas arrives early as we round up the Tans in the cast of Crazy Christmas – Sebastian, Denise, Selena and Karen – to dish on their fondest Christmas memories. Tis the season to be jolly, so eat, drink and be merry! Oh, and don’t miss out on this heart-warming performance too!

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What’s your typical Christmas like?

Sebastian: Party, lots of food, champagne and enjoying all of that with my loved ones.

Denise: Christmas is a huge event for my family. Every Christmas Eve, my parents host a traditional sit-down family dinner and we’ll have a feast. There will be dishes like roast beef and gravy, a turkey or goose, lots of creamy mashed potatoes, white wine and onion marinated mushrooms and copious amounts of champagne and wine.

Our friends will normally come by after midnight and mum will serve some local dishes such as her famous spicy pork beehoon and beef rendang, along with some sweet treats like gingerbread cookies. My Christmas can be pretty much summed up with three words: party, food and champagne.

Selena: My Christmas is normally spent with my family and friends!  Food is also a big part of the celebration. Being a typical Singaporean family, we like to have dishes from different cultures!  There’ll be roast turkey, Chinese roast duck, sio bak (roast meat), honey baked ham, log cakes and ang ku kueh. We love them all.

Karen: We often end up having too much food at our Christmas lunch, which is usually for about 30 people. What do we do with the leftovers? We ‘feed’ them to our beloved theatre friends, of course, Denise and Sebastian included. There are lots of activities happening throughout the day, including gift exchange, singing while one of us plays the piano or even something as simple as a game of Wii. It always ends up being a very noisy, lively and happy affair for all of us.

What’s your craziest Christmas memory?

Sebastian: Last year, we ate and drank non stop for a week. In fact, I was too drunk to remember any of it to tell you now!

Denise: We had this silly dance contest where everyone in the family from our old aunties and uncles to toddler danced to some oldies in my parents’ living room. I think my dad won by getting belly down on the carpet and pretending he was swimming to the music. It doesn't take much to get my friends and family going. Thank God the neighbours didn't complain!

Selena: Last year, I left my Christmas shopping until the eve. I ended up with so many shopping bags that even at my weight, I was threatening to topple over. After that, I rushed home to wrap up the gifts before 7 pm and placed them under the Christmas tree. Surprisingly, I made it in time and still had time left for a shower before getting ready for the big Christmas feast.

Karen: That would be when we were still in London. Rachel was three, and I had just got my driving license. I had to drive her to a friend’s place which was five minutes away. Being a new driver, I was extra careful and the journey took us 20 minutes When we finally got there, I couldn’t park the car even though the space was twice the size our car. Then we found out that my friend had forgotten to prepare Rachel’s dinner so we exchanged roles—I took over the cooking while my friend parked my car. It felt crazy because of the sheer stupidity of it all. 


What would be the perfect Christmas to you?

Sebastian: Party, endless flow of food and champagne and of course lots of love.

Denise: It would be to spend the day with my friends and family over good food and wine. And please, just one year, can we have lots of snow? A white Christmas would be perfect!

Selena: My prefect Christmas is one filled with family and good friends, lots of laughter, good food and music.

Karen: I have them every year!!


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