Third Time’s a Charm – The Drums return to Singapore

By Kevin HoEvents - 05 June 2013 9:00 AM

Third Time’s a Charm – The Drums return to Singapore

We have been praying hard and endlessly for the return of American indie pop band The Drums to our shores, and it seems like they have been graciously answered, thanks to Symmetry Entertainment.

After two unforgettable high-energy shows over the years at St James Power Station and 2012’s Laneway Festival, lead singer Jonny Pierce and gang are back to make our hearts beat faster. After all, there are only so many artistes as charismatic as good ol’ Jonny, sashaying away with his trademark floppy hair and frolic-in-the-fields moves. 

With their two full-length albums – the flowery ‘The Drums’ in 2010 and the much mellower ‘Portamento’ in 2011 – The Drums have showcased that they know how to strike a poetic balance between anthemic rhythms and melancholy lulling effects that appeal to listeners of every mood.

'Let's Go Surfing'

Making hordes of fans dance their troubles away to hits such as ‘Let’s Go Surfing’, ‘Me and the Moon’, and ‘Money’, the quartet has also melted listeners’ hearts with slow emotionally-charged lullabies such as ‘Down by the Water’.

What fans love about The Drums is their inclination towards the simple things. If their band name didn’t give it away, check out their raw and lightly layered musical arrangements, or their lyrics about everyday life: “I want to buy you something/ But I don’t have any money” taken from ‘Money’. They aren’t afraid to be honest and that’s why they resonate with fans who appreciate these leanings.

This world tour comes after a recent solo project by Jonny, and marks a return to arms for these boys from Brooklyn, US. So hopefully, we’ll get to hear some new and refreshing material on top of their catchy favourites, of course.

Catch The Drums live once more at *SCAPE Warehouse on 17 June.  

The Drums Live in Singapore | Date: 17 Jun | Time: 7.30pm | Venue: *SCAPE Warehouse | Tickets: S$50, S$60 from