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Time to get in the mood for Oktoberfest!

By EditorEvents - 07 September 2010 3:00 PM | Updated 21 October 2010

Time to get in the mood for Oktoberfest!

Nothing spells a good party quite like Oktoberfest, so gear up and get ready to celebrate!

Originating from Munich exactly two hundred years ago, Oktoberfest was first held to celebrate a wedding. Since then, it has evolved to the festival everyone knows and loves today, with the largest and most well-known still being held in Munich every year.

Here in Singapore, all it took was a beer-loving crowd in the mood for a good party for the concept to catch on. Ranging from mid September to late October, various festivities spring up all across the island under various organizers. Here’s our pick of what you shouldn’t miss.



Singapore’s only German microbrewery Paulaner Brauhaus throws an Oktoberfest party that’s hard to beat. Promising 6,000 litres of the magic brew for thirsty revelers coupled with a full menu of regional specialties, Paulaner’s festival runs from October 5 to 12, at their Millenia Walk outlet.

Tempting offerings are available with Oktoberfest standards such as a variety of sausages (not forgetting the sauerkraut), to rosti, crispy pork knuckle, grilled meatloaf, breaded schnitzel and more.

Not feeling the Oktoberfest spirit yet? We’ll see about that once the authentic German frauleins make their appearance, and that’s even before the band Scharivari, from Munich strike up their festive tunes!





Hankering after Oktoberfest with a local twist? Our dear friends over at Timbre have done it again with Roktober!, which promises to be the answer to a Singaporean Oktoberfest. If you love live local entertainment, copious amounts of beer and sausages in a relaxed setting, this one’s for you. As the icing on the cake, there’s even beer games held, in conjunction with the first ever Beer-Pong Championships.

Happening from October 22-24, stay tuned for more updates on this free event that will be held at the car park in front of Timbre @ The Substation.



It’s hard to envision how the originators of Oktoberfest could envision something like this, but we welcome all things weird and wonderful. If you think you’ll enjoy the festival within close proximity to the sea and surfers, don’t miss Wavehouse’s version of Oktoberfest. It has all the ingredients of Oktoberfest that revelers hold dear – lively band, bier girls, ever-flowing beer and lots of hearty fare, but will this version catch on with traditionalists? Time will tell!


In the meantime, we think you should learn these useful phrases:

Heisl: Toilet
Bierdimpfe: Notorious beer drinker, or "tavern potato."(Not advisable!)
One liter of beer

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