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Top 5 Final Destination Deaths

By inSing EditorMovies - 02 August 2011 5:06 PM | Updated 19 August 2011

Top 5 Final Destination Deaths

The Final Destination series is about to go onto its fifth installment. Ever since the first one, the franchise has been known for its many inventive ways to die as Death slowly crosses off lines off a usually long list of names. Here’s a list of memorable executions!

Nadia’s Death – The Rolling Through! (Final Destination 4)

This one comes fifth because no one actually sees it coming and for the fact that a TYRE flies all the way out of a stadium just to crush her. Shock value, mostly… but this got us laughing.


Billy’s Death – The Makeshift Ninja Star (Final Destination)

A last minute save and then we all think Death has skipped Billy but wait, you knew something was gonna happen when they showed that piece of scrap metal, right?


The Car Crash – Everything Also Explode (Final Destination 2)

One of the most elaborate car crashes of all time, we get the pleasure of starting things off with a giant log going through a human skull in slow motion, and then a crazy montage of people screaming like crazy and things exploding at whim. The explosion that occurs when the car hits the giant truck is akin to that of a nuke. Pretty sure that if we drove by and threw a toothpick we would have brought about Armageddon itself.


Rory’s Death – The Dice You up Fence (Final Destination 2)

This death is sudden, fast and pretty funny. We start with an explosion caused by a cigarette (haha!) and ends with a fence of wire flying through Rory. His face as he realizes what has happened? Priceless!


Erin’s Death – The Impale-athon (Final Destination 3)

A bunch of people in a room with no idea who’s next and a ton of spiky death-laden things flying about? Excellent premise! With all the possible weapons that could have been used to finish the deed, a simple nail gun turned out to be the weapon… slowly impaling each inch of Erin’s face a nail at a time. Slow, brutal and… beautiful. Editor:
So what's your favourite death scene from the Final Destination movies?

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