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Top 5 Movie Father-Child Rivalries

By Wang DexianMovies - 17 June 2011 12:02 PM | Updated 12:36 PM

Top 5 Movie Father-Child Rivalries

As Father’s Day is right around the corner, we thought that we flip the script a bit and take a look at some of silver screen’s most tumultuous father-son relationships ever. If you think you’ve got it bad with your dad, these movies might just make you appreciate pops more. And don’t forget to bring the old man out this weekend.

5. Buck Weston vs. Phil Weston - Kicking & Screaming

Phil’s dad, the ultra-competitive Buck Weston is the coach of the Gladiators, a very good kids’ soccer team. When Buck trades his own grandson off the team, Phil takes over as coach of the Tigers. A high stakes bet is also made; if Phil and the Tigers loses, he must sell his small vitamin store and work for Buck. If Buck loses… he must return Phil the “Pele ball”, a ball touched by the famed soccer player which Buck took away from his son.

4. Dr. Evil vs. Scott Evil. – Austin Powers

Abandoned by his dad for only being “quasi evil”, not quite evil enough, Scott Evil shares a very contentious relationship with his father. Even when he points out flaws with his father’s plans, he continually gets told to “zip it”. He was even replaced by Mini-Me! Last we saw him, Scott took over his father’s empire (and hairstyle too). Only time will tell how this weird relationship will unfold...

3. Jake Shuttlesworth vs. Jesus Shuttlesworth - He Got Game

Jake is a convicted felon. What for, you ask? Well, turns out it’s for the accidental murder of Jesus’ mother. When Jesus eventually becomes the top ranked high school basketball prospect, things get complicated. The governor releases Jake on parole, hoping he could convince Jesus to attend the Governor’s alma mater. The film culminates in an emotionally intense scene, Jake and Jesus mano-a-mano on the basketball court, with Jake having to get out of Jesus’ life if he loses. Apparently, Spike Lee told both Denzel Washington and Ray Allen to go at it for real, so the score of the game is legitimate.

2. Maurice Fischer vs. Robert Fischer – Inception

They aren’t shown fighting physically on screen much but the measly amount of screen time they share together is more than enough in terms of impact on the story. The disappointment expressed by Maurice on his death bed is enough to get the ball rolling for Cobb’s inception team. Using those emotions, Robert eventually sees what the team has set him up for; that Maurice’s disappointment was that Robert had tried to be like him. Whether that is true remains to be seen but what’s for sure is that the Fischer Empire is no more.

 1. Anakin Skywalker/Darth Vader vs Luke and Leia Skywalker - Star Wars

The most famous father and son scene in history is probably overplayed at this point in time but it’s really quite something when you note down everything Vader did against his kids. Here’s a play by play from Episode IV to VI:

  • Captures Leia
  • Destroys planet Leia grew up on, killing her adoptive parents in the process
  • Kills Obi-Wan, Luke’s mentor
  • Tries to kill Luke in a TIE Fighter
  • Freezes Leia’s love interest, Han Solo in carbonite
  • Chops off Luke’s hand after telling him that he is his father
  • Tries to lure Luke to the dark side again before saving him from the Emperor’s force lightning

We don’t know about you but man, that’s way too many lives and severed limbs for our paternal liking.