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Top 5 reasons why ZoukOut rocks!

By TimeOutSingapore.comEvents - 07 December 2010 1:19 PM | Updated 3:54 PM

Top 5 reasons why ZoukOut rocks!

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To mark this momentous occasion, here are five hot reasons why this alfresco shindig still rocks in 2010.


1 Behold, yet another wideranging, Ibiza-grade line-up of monster dance masters

Ever heavy on superstars, this year’s headliners artfully cover both sides of the sonic coin: godlike trance czar Tiësto imparts his commercial, hands-in-the-air dance-trance divinations for up-for-it name checkers, while Paris’ crossover electro dandy David Guetta pulls the young, FM-happy chart-pop huggers with his super-accessible tech-house anthemics.

But, as always, despite firmly glad-handing the mainstream, the bill manages to uphold that very Zouk-ian virtue – straddling populist and cool – so there are more left-field, niche-filling adventures for those looking to escape the main scrum. Berlin’s Get Physical label dons Booka Shade are an absolute must for devotees of squelchy, pared-down electro and refined trance-y synthhouse stylings, while down tempo-yet highly danceable cosmic-crusader and ZoukOut debutant Lindstrøm adds lush, outer-orbit space-disco to the sonic roster and tops our must-see list.

Elsewhere, Melbourne’s indiesynth psych-popsters Midnight Juggernauts make their Singapore debut with a live set of melodic, bass heavy dance-rock, while Deep Dish breakaway techno alchemist Dubfire and Motor City’s Seth Troxler bring proggy, post-cold wave minimal-tech purism to the fray. Diplo-approved up-and-comer Afrojack serves up mutating, beach-thrashing B-more electro and dirtied-up booty-house mash-ups, while Jazzy Jeff fill-in Cash Money carries on the full-tilt hip-hop hoopla deep into the dark.

2 …and it’s not just big ticket imports dropping in to collect dosh…

Our fair city’s homegrown beat cats are well represented too. Widely adored scene-stealer and long-serving Zouk resident Aldrin makes his presence felt with his electro and tech genre noodling, alongside Zouk housemates Jeremy Boon, djB, Tony Tay, Hong who’ll be chugging everything from jazz- and tribal-house through to postpunk indie-disco classics, chemical rave crowd-pleasers and everything in between. Singapore’s hip-swinging, party-ready samba collective Bloco Singapura bring their colourful, feel good party smarts to the fiesta too, while there’s a live set from buzzed about, hip-hop-informed sextet Sixx.


3 Despite the price hike, it’s still a bargain

‘Zouk-Ouch!’ declared The Straits Times in October in response to this year’s increased ticket cost. Fair enough, prices are up by 20 bucks, but before we get our miserable noggins in too much of a tizzy, it’s probably worth remembering that if this shoreside shindig took place anywhere else – say, Europe – tickets would be three or four times the price. To put it in perspective, an average ticket to Ibiza’s Pacha with one mid-weight headliner on the bill these days is upwards of $100, with drinks starting around the 25-buck mark. ZoukOut, remember, is one of the world’s most revered dance fests, and for $88 – and drinks capped at $8 – it’s still one of the cheapest. Mustn’t grumble.

4 Twelve straight hours of bikini heaven

Unofficial dress code: less is more. Around this time of year most of the world’s female populace are shrouding their cinnamon-tanned pipes under formless folds of fleece, concealing their bods and buns behind vast garbs of billowy goose-down overcoats in a perma-frosted winter oblivion. At ZoukOut, our sun-loved congas of barely dressed chicks rock scrunched-up bandeaus, colourful, not-there halter-tops and flummoxing zigzagged mono-, bi- or tri-kinis for a night of high temperature, semi-dressed swimsuit nirvana: it’s the one night of the year where the Little Red Dot turns bright crimson. Jump in.


5 For now at least, the party’s staying in Singapore

Picked up and dusted down like a lost, sandy old flip-flop and tried on anew, the now-vintage rumour that ZoukOut is moving overseas due to an increasing lack of space at Siloso Beach is now an annual event. ‘ZoukOut will either have to scale down or find another venue,’ former marketing manager Tracy Phillips told us in 2007. Other options like Phuket, Bali, Batam and even – shudder! gasp! – KL have been bandied around as alternative venues ever since, so what’s the noise this year? ‘We never rule anything out,’ says new marketing manager Mari Muramoto, cryptically. ‘But there are no plans to move at the moment. We’re committed to keeping ZoukOut a Singapore event.’

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Zoukout is on Sat, Dec 11, at Siloso Beach Sentosa. On-site ticket sales are available at $88 each. ZoukOut is hosted by Zouk, the winner of the Best Nightspot Experience, at the Singapore Experience Awards.


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