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‘Trainstopping’: The year's wackiest revue

By Farhan ShafieEvents - 27 April 2012 7:00 PM

‘Trainstopping’: The year's wackiest revue

How timely this is!

With all the hysteria surrounding SMRT train delays, stoppages and blackouts, you know it’s just a matter of time before our local theatre companies seized on the opportunity to make light of the situation and ham it up for the stage.

“Singaporeans take themselves too seriously and you know, we just need to learn to be a little more open-minded, sometimes laugh at ourselves a little bit and just celebrate our uniqueness!” says Derrick Chew, artistic director of Sight Lines Productions in a phone interview with

Trainstopping’ takes a look back at all things zany to have hit our shores, from unforgettable A&F male greeters to the better-off-forgotten Orchard Road floods (“Ponding”, anyone?). The play will be showing at The Arts House from 26 April to 3 May.

Whether it is paying homage to the nation’s fascination with curry or parodies of the latest musicals (‘Wicked’, be damned!), Derrick pulls back no punches in his professional stage directorial debut.

“I enjoy social commentaries and parodies. As a Singaporean and having been through all of this, it is something that really resonates in me and yeah, these themes are so relevant and so current and so accessible.”

It seems nothing, and we mean nothing will be left un-skewered!

The stellar cast includes Darius Tan (‘Aladdin’, ‘Fried Rice Paradise’), Celine Rosa Tan (‘Forbidden City’, ‘Snow White’ – “Best Supporting Actress”, LIFE! Theatre Awards 2006) and Siti Khalijah (‘Hossan Leong Show’, ‘Model Citizens’ – “Best Actress”, LIFE! Theatre Awards 2011).

While Derrick has worked with Darius and Celine previously on numerous productions and considers them friends, it was the director’s first time collaborating with Siti and it was a prospect that he most looked forward to.

“I know her prior to this and I’ve watched her in almost all her productions and I love her work,” Derrick gushes.

With such comedic talents on display, rest assured you’ll be in for a night of raucous laughter and Singapore-style self deprecation.

“Audiences shouldn’t come expecting anything because it is what THEY take away from it that matters, because everyone will take away something different from it.”

So leave your sanity at the door and prepare to tap in: ‘Trainstopping’ will take you through a journey with all sorts of crazies that at the end of it all you’ll be singing, ‘Love Your Ride!’

Trainspotting will be showing at The Arts House from 26 April – 3 May. Get your tickets for $48 (excluding $2 handling fee). For more details, click here.