Travelling with The Temper Trap

By EditorEvents - 11 January 2011 9:00 AM | Updated 9:19 AM

Travelling with The Temper Trap

The boys are coming to town! Fans of white-hot indie rockers The Temper Trap can rejoice, as they’ll be headlining the upcoming inaugural Laneway Festival on Sat, Jan 29. For more highlights of the Festival, don't miss our preview guide.

We’re so excited, we couldn’t even sit still as we grabbed Joseph Greer, the band’s affable keyboardist/guitarist for a short chat on what we’ll be expecting. Read on!

Hi guys, welcome to Singapore! Is this your first time here? What are you most looking forward to doing/seeing while you’re in town?

This will be our second time as a band and when we were here last time, we got taken out for dinner at No Signboard which was great, I can't wait for some more chili crab!.

How does it feel to be part of the debut Laneway Festival in Asia?

Laneway is a very special festival for us as we have played it two times now and always liked the philosophy behind the idea. To see it extend into Asia is a great thing as it allows people to see some great bands that may not tour in this part of the world and it gives fans a chance to see some great bands in a great setting.

You've gained massive popularity and critical acclaim in a relatively short period of time. How do you feel this experience has changed you, and what do you do to stay grounded?

I don't think any of us really feel like we are in a big band. We are all very lucky and we still can't quite believe some of things we get to experience. We keep grounded by always trying to be a better band and knowing that we have a long way to go before we feel like we a in a big international band.


Moving from country to country on tour, do you need to change the show to suit each country, and can we expect any surprises for the show?

Most of our set changes are due to time restrictions or whether or not we are playing a festival. If we are doing a festival we usually drop some of the slower songs and stick to a more fast paced set. As for the Laneway show you can expect a full set and maybe a few new tracks too.

The remixes in your just-released special edition definitely amp everything up by several notches! How did you choose the collaborators you worked with for this and how was it different from your usual recording process?

The remix album was really Toby's project and was a collaboration between the record company and Toby with finding artists and approving the mixes. The difference for us was none of us had to go into the studio except Toby.

You’ve obviously got a lot of fans around, what’s one of the craziest things a fan has done to or for you? What’s the craziest thing you've done for your fans?

Our fans have been pretty tame so far but I remember once Johnny made friends with some guy in Austin and during the show he dropped a big bag of home made sausages on the stage. I can't remember if any of us ate them though.

Living in the same house and constantly travelling together on the road isn’t easy, how do you guys make sure you don’t end up killing each other at the end of the day?

It can be a full on experience, there is not many situations in life that you would spend this much time with another person but we all get on quite well. We all respect each others space and I know I need at least two hours Joseph time a day so I try go for a walk and clear my head and that seems to work.

What would you like to tell your Singaporean fans?

It's a great honor for us to be in Singapore and we really appreciate the support from the fans and can't wait to play for you all.

What would you want to tell people who haven’t experienced Temper Trap yet?

We are a band that loves music and wants to make music that people love, we put our all into our live show and I think that is a great strong point for us.

What’s coming up next for the band?

This Laneway show will be the last show of two years on tour so next step for us is to start writing album number two and then hopefully be back in Singapore soon.


The Laneway Festival will be on Sat, Jan 29 at Fort Canning Park. Tickets available here.