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Twisted: Some Scares, Some Laughs

By Wang DexianMovies - 26 July 2011 12:07 PM | Updated 12:31 PM

Twisted: Some Scares, Some Laughs

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Rating: 3 stars out of 5

The Stars: Mark Lee, Calvin Soh, Linda Liao, Randall Tan, Zhu Mimi

The Buzz:Twisted features an ensemble cast comprising of actors from Singapore, Taiwan, Hong Kong as well as Malaysia.

The Story: Three ghastly interconnected stories between characters serve to illustrate the question, "Is it just bad luck or bad karma?" The stories involve Mark Lee's drug dealer character, four flight attendants and a night gone horribly wrong as well as a conman trying to do good by his late exorcist father. These characters are somehow thrown into grisly situations and have to confront their past and present fears through them.

inSing says: Blending humour with horror elements is generally considered an uphill battle; make it too funny and no one treats the horror with much seriousness and vice versa. The two elements are pretty extreme, and it’s tough to do a balancing job between the two. We think the director has done a good job balancing the two but still, it feels disconnected and inconsistent. The first and third parts are way funnier than the second which devolves into a free for all battle royale with a huge body count. The stories are connected mostly by Lee’s character and an old Chinese song about past intimacy, showing the devolution of said intimacy into murder and other ghastly incidents.

With that being said, Twisted's main characters are hard to connect with. Neither a drug dealer who threatens his past lover nor a flight attendant who spikes drinks simply aren't characters you'd want to care about through an ordeal. Can’t they have at least one redeeming quality about them? Thankfully, the third character nails it. The conman faces a real possessed being and tries to exorcise the ghost, using tips from his childhood memory of his father. There is a simple yet heroic quality to this, of him finally wanting to go back to the straight and narrow by honouring his late father’s wishes.

 Twisted is shot well, and even has great sound design at times. As a tapestry though, it needs more character development and likable characters for audiences to connect to. However, it also does many things well. It has enough comedy in it that doesn’t resort to overly slapstick methods that might turn a viewer off and also enough scares to allow it to stand out from the pack of other comedies.       

Twisted opens in theatres Jul 28.