Up close and personal with Israel Galván

By Ninart LuiEvents - 26 September 2011 9:00 AM

Up close and personal with Israel Galván

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Flamenco virtuoso Israel Galván boldly exposes the heart and soul of flamenco, stripped of all its trappings of costumes, music and theatricality, as he performs only to the rhythms emanating from his body, and eventually in bare feet.

Awarded just about every top flamenco prize possible, Galván is acclaimed as an avant-garde force in flamenco. Yet he is just as strongly supported and bound by its deep traditions. His radical approach, in fact, returns to the essence and purity of the dance form. His intention is to get away from all of flamenco’s clichés, and to take every possible freedom.

Here’s a glimpse of his pure artistry in action:

We get up close and personal with the dance maestro:

Hello Israel, welcome to Singapore. Can you please tell us a little bit about what influences you in coming up with new works? 

Everything which surrounds me, motivates me at any time. I am motivated by keeping going, reinventing myself and evolving. Also what motivates me is to wax myself in my studio as it would be a bubble, and to provocate a war against me, to see what can I take from my inside.

You come from a family of dancers. When did you decide to follow in the family tradition? 

When I started learning with Mario Maya. I was 18 years old. I discovered that Flamenco was somtehing else, that was another kind of discipline, a deeper study of body and mind.

How would you describe your choreography to a first-time viewer?

Freedom of movement, mind and spirit. I retire a beat of my life each time I am dancing.


What can we expect from your Flamenco Masterclass?

I expect that pupils enjoy and understand or they don't, but hopfully each one knows how to drive it to his own area and take his own benefit.

Lastly, what are you looking forward to doing when you are in Singapore? 

I hope that everybody can enjoy my visit, and hopefully everything will go well.

"Solo" is on from Oct 14-15, Fri-Sat, at the Esplanade Theatre Studio. Tickets are $33 (inclusive of booking fee) and can be purchased from Sistic.

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